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Well I'm a big giant idiot. Blogathon: 6:00 a.m. PST. P - S - T. That would be Pacific Standard Time. And where am I? Not anywhere near the Pacific. Which means this whole time I was thinking that I am blogging from 6am-6am when I don't actually start until 9am. Right? Ok, so I can sleep a little later in the morning.

Anyhow, I want to formally introduce you to my sponsors and immoral supporters. Please click on their links and visit their websites, if they have one.

Thanks to all of you. I hope I am able to maintain the integrity, stylish substance and maturity that you have come to expect of me on a daily basis.

Did I mention boobie shots and cleavage contests and Melly in a red bra?

Sponsors are:

travis - jenna - John - Glace - tanya - fredo - steven -
aaron - kevin - anon - jennifer - roe - ron bailey - jon sullivan - chris - treefen -
bigwig - plep - nancy - D - todd - robyn - bonnie (my sexy girlfriend from work) - lisa (my sister) - Simon (a nice guy) - Jo-Anne & Lew (my sister and her husband)

immoral support:

shel - melly - kat - bill - keith - bran - kymberlie - christine

You can still sponsor me.

Now, who thinks there should be a cleavage contest starring Melly, Robyn and Stacy (and anyone else who wants in)? I mean, I need something to keep me awake. That ought to do it.

*update New sponsor: young bradford. Thank you, whoverer you are Mr. Bradford. Step forward and introduce yourself!


Go, baby, go!

And yes, cleavage! Woo!

Melly has convinced me to enter the cleavage contest.
I'm still groggy from the red-eye, if you want my sleepless immoral support!
Underwire support def. coming your way. ;)

Oh man, this contest is hopeless. I'm going to have to use humor.

I'm in for the cleavage contest!
How is this going to work? You'll post pictures and take votes?

I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win... :P

wait a minute..if we don't donate money, we have to do a boob shot for you? oh man. ok, well, just tell me when and i'll do my best. now off to find the right bra......

cleavage: yes, please!

ok, i will offer cleavage shots. afterall, rumor has it skarlet and i are blogathonning topless.

and wouldn't you know it, the whole thing has me unable to get to sleep tonight. wiiiiiiiide awake.

you know i could win any cleavange contest, hands down, so to speak.

ok, i think i can toss in a couple bucks too. i've been checking out your cause, and it's an incredible one.

i wish i could do more.

Oh gads -- my limes up against Stacy's coconuts? I don't stand a chance!

Bring on the bodacious tata's!

That's right Robyn, run and hide. :P

Are you threatening me? ;-)

Boob Fight!!

Threatening you? No, no, sweetie, I's just statin' de facts. Perhaps we need someone in person with some calipers though...

Well, I've got 38DD myself. Maybe I should bring them to the party...

As someone with experience with Robyn's boobs, I can testify that they are MMMM...YEAH! And I am a Certified Boob Expert, being male.

Sign me up for immoral support, since I've little of both cash and cleavage. Support...or lack of...there's a joke in here somewhere. Or something..

Quality over quantity!