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the pee pee dance

the pee pee dance

Complete and utter disaster.

I got to work only to be informed that there is a problem with the plumbing. No water, no use of the bathrooms.

Have I ever mentioned my bladder problem? I pee at the least every half hour. Nobody pees more than me. I have to go already as it is.

I'm doing the pee pee dance.

This isn't exactly the kind of neighborhood where you can walk around looking for a bathroom to use.

Must not drink coffee. Must resist bottle of cool, refreshing water. Must not panic.

You know that saying don't have a pot to piss in? I'm looking for one.

They fixed the problem. Pee at last! Pee at last!

It is apparent that some people were actually using the bathroom anyhow and not flushing. Cretins.



Ow. On the half hour? Must make those long drives torture :(

Any good bushes? Public fountains? You could offer to fetch bakery goods every half hour to use the deli's bathroom. "Donuts? Coffee? Gum? Anyone?"
This sounds like it qualifies for a sick day.

water water water!! evil grin

Pee at last, pee at last
Thank God almighty, I got to pee at last!

Peeing your pants is cool! All the kids are doing it.

Ewwwwww not flushing? That should be grounds for immediate anhialation from the planet. There's nothing I hate more than walking into the stall and seeing that and immediately turning my head like I've been blinded. Guh.

Hey, if it's yellow...


I bet I can outdo you Michele - thanks to the single most unpleasant medical experience of my life (and that's ALL I'm saying about it) I know that I have a bladder that is perfectly normal in every way except that it's about one-third the size of everyone else's. It makes living in this city REALLY difficult sometimes, as my Southern pee-by-the-side-of-the-road skills are rendered pretty much useless by the lack of deserted dirt roads.

Michele, so many people try to riff on "free at last, free at last"...there are so many really poor mutations out there that those great words are in danger of becoming a cliché. But yours -- yours made me laugh. Out loud. Rock on sister, peer, pee-er.

I gaurantee that I pee more often than you.

oh thanks, now i have to pee. please tell me that people were just peeing and not flushing. i mean, that's bad enough, but if people were taking dumps and not flushing, well...

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