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gearing up

gearing up

The blogathon starts in 24 hours. I'm stocking up on the essentials:

  • caffeine in all of its forms: Incredible amounts of coffee - hot coffee, iced coffee, those coffee slushie things from 7-11, candy, caffeinated mints, Mountain Dew, iced tea.

  • music to blog by: I'm making some cds, including the songs some of you suggested as your themes a while back. Most of the cds include some loud, obnoxious music to keep me going. Thank you, Meshuggah, for releasing a new album just in time. Well, it's not officially released yet. But I a copy of it seemt o have miraculously appeared in my mp3 folder.

  • disposable heating pads: these things are a lifesaver. This computer chair kills my back. Without the pads, I would be on the floor writhing in pain by hour 3.

  • charging the batteries: for my camera and my cell phone. The camera, so I can take 24 hours worth of pictures which will hopefully give me something to blog about, the cell phone so friends can call me in the middle of the night to keep me awake.

  • and yes, there's that. Stuff to blog about: I decided against a specific theme because I have a hard time sticking with things. So I will be doing a combination of things - photo essays, photoshop fun, AIM conversations, short stories, movie, book and cd reviews, ranting about politics....the general stuff I do here every day, I guess.

I will be on AIM for most of the night, under the name Propagandhist. I may turn on Yahoo Messenger, where my name is afireinsideblog. How original, I know.

I will be taking requests. If there is something you want me to write about, some antic you want me to perform, some part of my anatomy you want me to show, just instant message me or email me and I will see what I can work up for you.
I'm trying to entice Robyn and a few others into a cleavage contest.

I will also spend time talking about each of my sponsors (see sidebar) who have been gracious enough to either sponsor me with cash for the Daniel Pearl Foundation or lend me their immoral support.

I will be doing Long Distance Requests. Have something you want to say to another blogger? Want to profess your love for someone? Want me to find you a picture of a Christopher Lowell in a dress? I'm here for you.

I will be blogging about other blogathoners, checking up on what they are doing. This is not a competion (even though there are awards) and I think we should all stick together and offer assistance and drugs where needed.

I will be double posting. If I write something here that I think would fit in with Raising Hell or HFSD or even the SPORK page, I'll publish them over there, too.

Ok, that should cover the first six hours.

Want me to plug your blog? I'll do that too if you ask. Nicely. Want to share a story or joke or tasteless website? I can help. Just send me a message.

I'll expect comments. Lots of them. The person who leaves the most comments during the 24 hour period will get a prize. Does anyone know of a script that lets you keep track of who is commenting and how many times?

Also, if I can get in touch with Candi and she is free at any time during the 'thon, maybe I can talk her into redesigning the banned books site sometime during the 24 hours. I've already hired her for it, but I just haven't been on AIM at all to discuss it with her.

Now, about the alcohol. I've stocked up, but I'm saving it for the home stretch. I figure some time at around 2am I will start drinking. Stick around if you want to see some really bizarre, embarassing posts.

I'll be archiving the whole thing in case you go to sleep like a normal person and don't want to miss one riveting moment of my inane drivel.

So, any other bright ideas, post them here in the comments. Any suggestions for staying awake, keeping alert or harassing Ashcroft through cyberspace will be helpful.


Speaking of Asscroft, yesterday's paper had an article (with NY Times byline) telling how he is losing favor with the really conservative. He is anit-abortion BUT he is working hard at making government stronger and more intrusive, and to a true conservative, intrusive government is anathema.

I can't wait.

Those therma care pads are the best damn invention. Portable and disposable. yessirre bob. I can't afford to sponsor anyone, but my constant insomnia will be the support i can lend to my fave bloggers. I will be sure to stop by and help keep you awake. best of luck to you Michele

Big important tip: I've done a lot of all-nighters with the benefit of caffeine, and it is very very important that you drink a lot of water as well. Caffeine dehydrates you, and sitting up all night while becoming progressively more dehydrated does godawful things to your kidneys. Not only do they hurt, but last time I did that I ended up with a wicked kidney infection - so drink lots of water, please please please.

i've banned alcohol on my end; everytime i drink i pass out after the 3rd. not an option during a 24-hour blogathon. i will be partaking of the above-mentioned caffeine in all forms, loud obnoxious music, and Christopher Lowell in drag, please.

Good luck, and if you plug me, I'll show ya my cleavage ;o). Pretty please???

oooh.. good luck :-)

I did the blogathon last year. Talking to folks on IM was a lifesaver, especially the early morning risers out on the east coast. It also fueled a few entries, which is always good come 3 am when your inspiration runs out.

After seeing Statia's pics...plug her!

Good luck on your blogathon. I did a long stint with the year 2000 stuff in a chat room I owned - we celebrated each midnight as it went around the world - very tiring but well worth doing.

I notice you didn't try to entice me and my peaches into the cleavage contest ... bitch.

Dude, I sent you an email and you never wrote back. Bitch.

And i posted on your blog about the Red Bra Brigade.

Call me. We'll talk boobies.

Bitch didn't try and entice me either...me, the one who has people putting her rack shot on their sites and NOT even bothering to link to the Rack Browser.

Todd can vouch for me that I specifically mentioned you in my email exchange with him yesterday.


Hmph. :)

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