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mo' rodents, mo' problems

mo' rodents, mo' problems

Let's get a couple of things straight here:

I will not have a rat for a pet.

I will not have for a pet anything that requires being fed other live animals.

Also, gerbils and hamsters are better left to be owned by friends, where we can go over and visit them and hold them and go home and never have to clean a cage.

I did not stop at the pet store today. The thing is, I think I am more infatuated with having a house full of habitrail accessories than the actual pets themselves.

The voices of reason (that's you guys) were pretty much in favor of nixing the hamster/gerbil idea. And I still don't know the difference between the two, except that gerbils tend to be the butt of Richard Gere jokes. Butt. Get it? Smack me.

So now I'm back to staring at the slimy, smelly albino frogs. I'd prefer the kids had a pet that they could hold or cuddle or play with (please note that I hate both dogs and cats).

And besides, you know what happens once you get a rat for a pet? Michael Jackson starts singing songs about you, that's what.


Well, there's always rabbits.

lizards are cool.

There's that scene in "Hannibal" where people are thrown into the man-eating-pigs-pit. This idea may work with all the cranks you've got gripes with. Sort of like the Christians being thrown to the lions.
Wait a minute. Sorry, no... that would violate the feeding "animals" to animals...
Good luck with Saturday. I'll dip in from time to time to monitor your progress.

Might I dare suggest a cat, even though you think you hate them?

Cats aren't cats you know, their intelligence and temper depends on its race, and a lot of other stuff on the owner.

Find out what cat races there are out there, and see if there are any race's attributes and behaviour you like. I would recommend Ragdolls for a friendly, around-but-not-in-the-way cat.

Rats are cool pets. I have an ex from New York who hated rats. One night I brought one home in my pack. She (my ex) was sitting in bed waiting for me. I unzipped my pack just a little, and then began to take off my shirt to get into bed. I soon heard the most blodd curddling scream I have ever heard emitted by a human being, as she saw the rat poke it's head out.

I felt horrible. Anyway she soon became friends with the rat, everyone loved it and we lived happily ever after.

epilogue: My housemates loved the rat so much they used to let it out all the time and they eventually lost it. It's replacement died two years later (they have short life spans).

Parakeets make good pets, as long as you have patience, buy them alone not in pairs (if you want their attention), and have an environment that is fairly temperature stable.

Rats really do make good pets (a giant fish tank is also really really cool - don't get me started, don't even get me started).

i know a few people who were once cat haters. then someone convinced them to get a cat and things changed. when it's your own cat it's different, i swear.
come over to the dark side. if you regret it you can send it up to live with me.

I've had cats. We had Barnabas and Lucky and Damien and a few cats whose names I forget. Oh yea, Coffee, the evil Siamese cat.

Damien was possessed by Satan. Barnabas (and there was more than one cat we had with that name) was an evil fucker. Lucky was just plain obnoxious.

The last thing we need in this house is another obnoxious, self-important, snotty entity.

speaking of richard gere... i heard he was in the hospital the other day... yeah, this time it was to get a mole removed...

sorry, couldn't resist...

Rabbits are good pets. They can even be litterbox trained.

As Chris says, parakeets (a/k/a budgies) make good pets. Look for a reliable breeder (you might get a good one from a pet store, but you might not) and expect to pay $40-50 for one. Remember that they live about 10-15 years.

But Michele..(stomping feet)...you CAN cuddle rats. I swear.

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