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lies, truth and hot blogs

lies, truth and hot blogs

Should I be insulted that so many people see me as the non-punctual type?

The answers:

1. I am a registered Republican.

Yes, this is true. It has to do with town politics and nepotism. It pays the bills. However, I do not vote party line (as if) and I have never once voted for a Republican president. Most likely never will.

2. My first sexual experience was with a girl.

Yes. The girl across the street, who tormented me and used me almost my whole childhood decided to take it upon herself to introduce to me to things such as masturbating, oral sex and inserting things where they really shouldn't be. Turns out it runs in her family. I've heard many stories about those girls being the first sexual experience for lots of people.

3. I've had a warrant out for my arrest.

Yes, several times. All parking and/or traffic ticket related, and I always managed to get to the courthouse and take care of the tickets right before they were going to come looking for me. It's a procrastination thing. Right now I'm driving around with license that's expired almost a year.

4. I received a perfect attendance award in 6th grade.

This does not say anything about punctuality, does it? It doesn't say I received an award for being on time every day, does it? So what's with the dissing on me about the likelihood of me getting places on time. I'll have you know that I am early for everything. I habitually early. When I show up, that is. The school nurse was my best friend in grade school. I also made good use of thermometers held next to radiators, homemade puke (oatmeal, mustard, ketchup and alka seltzer), and making up good sob stories. So, let's get this straight. Puntual - yes. Perfect attendance at any school or any job I ever attended. Not.

5. I dated a guy who spent time in jail while we were dating.

Not once, but twice. First there was Frankie, he went to jail for trying to run down his ex girlfriend. He used to call me collect and ask me to bring him cigarettes. I used to laugh and hang up. Then there was Doug, who was in for violating probation resulting from previous drug charges. I went to visit him, saw his ex-girlfriend's name on the visitor list and he never heard from me again.

Now, wasn't that exciting? Maybe I'll do more during the blogathon and make it a bit harder. You people know me too well.

And now I present to you: Is my Blog HOT


Michele didn’t you know ALL men named “Frankie” are no good?

hot? white hot. africa hot. perfect 10.


Dave, did I mention that his last name was Capone?

I came this close (see the pinchy-finger move) to going to jail thanks to a ticket-related warrant that was out for my arrest. I didn't know about it - and was pulled over for speeding. Oops!

hey... wait a minute here. what do you mean all frankie's are no good? i'm jus tno tfeeling the love here people...

anyway, what's in a name. turns out that gotti's wife's maiden name is the same as mine. does that make me a bad guy? oh and they had a son frnak digiorgio who was killed when he was 12...