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hair club for congressmen

hair club for congressmen

Things James Traficant has to be embarassed about besides being booted out of Congress:

1. The fact that the only person that voted to keep him was Gary Condit.
2. The hair.

That's why they kicked you out, James. It's not the corruption, it's the bad rug.

Quoted Mr. Traficant: "And there should be no ethics committee. It is dog eat dog. Castrate your opponent."

Consider yourself castrated.

For the record, I don't consider the things Traficant did to be any worse than what most other politicians are guilty of, but not caught at. It's not like he's oh.....strangling interns and leaving them in the woods.


My hate for Condit is not based on the alleged muder of Chandra Levy. One need not pin the murder on him, even if he is by-far the prime candidate.

It all has to do with his trying to cover up his cheating on his wife by refusing to assist the police in what he knew about Chandra's then-recent activities. If she had been alive and abducted, Condit's lack of cooperation and delays just to save his doomed career would have led to her demise instead of rescue.

They all do it, and they know it. But everyonce in a while, they have to toss a sacrificial lamb out there to say 'Hey! Look at us! We're upstanding and we police ourselves...really we do!' Assclowns.

I wonder how many of these same people voted NOT to impeach Clinton?

i usually have the TV on while i surf, and the sound is usually turned down. last night, the traficant story came on (i didn't know the story), but all i could think was "holy shit, that's gotta be one of the top five worst rugs i have ever seen!"

he's right up there with Donald Trump thinking "oh yeah, nobody'll notice if i just comb this over..."

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