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'cause i'm a liar

'cause I'm a liar

Yep, I'm hopping on a meme. Sue me. Brain will not start today.

From Jason (I know many others have done it, or done variations of it, but Jason's was the last I read and I guessed his right, but I still wish the Coolio story was true. I'll just pretend).

4 truths, one lie:

Which one of the following statements about me is not true?

  1. I am a registered Republican.
  2. My first sexual experience was with a girl.
  3. I once had a warrant out for my arrest.
  4. I received a perfect attendance award in 6th grade.
  5. I dated a guy who who spent time in jail while we were dating.

Guesses below. Feel free to expound on why you chose the answer you did.

note: I'll be posting the answers some time after lunch (around 2pm EST). Also, both of my sisters and my brother in law are ineligible to guess.


4 is bullshit - like you could be on time for anything? That's just too far out to believe.

I'll go for #3 as being bogus... mainly because a few days ago you posted that you've never been arrested... usually if there's a warrant, there's an arrest.

I'm guessing #3...I just feel like I would have read about this sometime in recent asmallvictory history...

I was thinking 3, but I'm going with 4. I didn't know you then, don't know you now, but I get the impression the birth of your kids is the only thing for which you've had a perfect attendance record.

I'm thinking 4 as well. Punctuality? Not likely.

I'll go with 4 for $1000, Alex.

I don't think that it's #3, because warrants get put out all of the time. I mean, if you just don't pay a parking ticket, they issue a warrant for your arrest.

I'll take #4.

And now, you totally have to write about all the true ones. Just to be different, I'll go for #5.

I know that #1 is true. I'm hoping (for the sake of my fantasy life) that #2 is true. Number 3 is true for almost everyone. Too many people are taking #4, and I hate being a sheep, so I'll take #5. What do I win?

ugh..."sexual experience" is just vague enough to let the truth seep in.

I usually believe boyfriend/girlfriend stuff because we've all had the screwed up relationship.

I'm going with #3. I'm so wrong.

No one's seems to have picked number one yet, but I will. I'd offer a reason, but I don't want to risk offending anyone who is indeed a registered Republican.

I'm feeling nice today. Enjoy it while it lasts. ;)

Since politics do nothing but confuse me and make my head hurt, I'm going for number one. This is probably the only time you'll EVER see me use the word 'politics' without actually seeing my brain explode.

So many choices.....

I remember number 2 being true from a distant post (funny what you can remember)....so I guess I'll go for number 5.

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