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Before I commence with my regularly scheduled daily blogging, please pause for a few announcements:

First, go congratulate Philo on being the ultimate blogwhore. He won first place in a long, hard fought contest and now proudly wears the crown of being the greatest whore in the blogosphere. Blogically speaking, of course.

The man who put the whole blogwhore thing together, Shel, is celebrating his birthday today. For Shel, who is a dear, wonderful, eccentric friend, one limerick and one haiku:

I know a man named Shel
I bet he is going to hell
There's no pearly gates;
A handbasket waits
And join him, I may as well.

one who makes me laugh
and comforts me when I'm down
Shel - in a nutshell

Happy birthday, Shel. 28 is not as bad as you think. I mean, it only gets worse from here, so you may as well enjoy it.