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temporary empty nest syndrome

temporary empty nest syndrome

The kids are on their way to Cleveland with their father. They will be back Sunday night.

I come home from work to an empty house.

Angry Beavers on the tv, a margarita slushie next to me.

I don't have to make macaroni & cheese tonight.

No one crying for me to help them find cleats or lip gloss or a three day old hot dog they forgot about.

No one is begging me to take them here or there or anywhere but here. No screeching 12 year old girls knocking on the door, no hockey pucks being slammed against the side of the house.

I don't hear the Playstation blasting. I don't hear the sounds of Linkin Park or ESPN coming from any speakers.

No one is asking me to get off the computer so they can feed their neopets or compulsively check baseball stats.

No he hit me, he looked at me, she kicked me, she said that bad word.

The house is empty. And quiet. And peaceful. It will be this way until Sunday. It's what I always wanted.

So then why do I feel like crying?


The same reason you write so well. Because you feel. And it isn't easy.

I often look forward to the moments of peace & solitude - and then find myself missing the ones I love when I'm all alone. Quite a Catch-22.

you miss them because you know it's not time for an empty nest, not really... when they should be gone and AREN'T...??
oh pshit.
enjoy the solitude, i say! enjoy it now!

p.s. oh, don't listen to me, i talk big and i'm a shrimp, LOL! jocelyn, who is 14, is staying with her daddy this summer, all summer, for the first time... i miss her madly..., still, always...