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mas tequila!

mas tequila!

We received our first wedding present in the mail today: These margarita glasses, which were bought off of our wedding registry by Kymberlie.

Thank you so much, Kymberlie. They will be put to very good use and you can bet that we will be toasting you the first time we use them.


and ya best toast me the second time around.
after all, I am the resident alcoholic.

I feel so honored to have the distinction of sending you your first wedding gift. Since I won't be there, let me give you a lame wedding toast now:

To the adorable couple: may your marriage be filled with love, laughter, happiness, video games, and hot sex. Cheers!

Btw, since I supplied the glasses for the booze, can that count as immoral support for your Blogathan challenge?

Of course it does, Kymberlie! I'll take a picture that night of me drinking margaritas.

And then you will be to blame when I start drunken posting.