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Holy Fucking Shit Day is live!

This is a group weblog, for lack of a better term. The participants write about topics surrounding September 11th, 2001. Members are free to write about any internet sources or world events that may move them. There is no editorial constraint. Therefore, these writings are the opinion and responsibility -- and copyright -- of those who express them.

Much thanks to Choire for putting this all together - he receives a SPORK spirit award for his efforts.

Expect much posting from me.


I think that somewhere on the blog it ought to be mentioned that The Onion has had a section called 'Holy Fucking Shit!' since about September 12, and that there's no affiliation. Someone might think you (ie anyone involved) is capitalizing on the success of a well-established website.

Didn't you read the really really really so fine it's invisible print?

holyfuckingshitday.com is a sole enterprise undertaken by hfsd, inc., owned wholly or in part by eastwest productions and is not affiliated with or a subsidiary of any other 9/11 related endeavor that uses the word 'fucking' in it's title, website, print material, visual aids, t-shirts or other sundry items. hfsd, inc. assumes no responsibility for any offensive material those other similar named enterprises may offer, as they are responsible only for their own offensive material.

I assume you have a link to this site on the S.P.O.R.K. site?