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not an addict

not an addict


My name is Michele and I'm not an addict.

I am not addicted to: video games, silly flash games, buying really bad DVDs, my weblog, cigarettes, Nature Valley Fruit and Nut granola bars, Snapple Peach Iced Tea, all-news channels and toy stores and my camera.

If you are here for the meeting just stand up, say your name and tell us about your addictions.

I'm not here to help. I'm here to enable.


I am not addicted to my blog, my photoblog, my Sony Cybershot DSC-P71, Civilization: Call To Power, poker tournaments at Paradise Poker, vanilla vodka shots, raspberry pina coladas, and my Tivo. Of course, I don't think I need anymore enabling....

hi. my name is bran, and i'm addicted to my blog. also addicted to spur-of-moment total site redesigns, stylesheets, delectable food (very few prejudices in this area), books, euphoria, idealism, all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, good music, laughter, precious things, ugly things, small things, very very small things (they're so cute and tiny!), cynicism, optimism, amazing orgasms, nirvana, enlightenment, and children. currently fighting an addiction to cigarrettes. on day two of quitting. no future plans to fight other addictions.

Hi My names Zel and I'm not a Keanuholic (arrgh I said it!) I am also not addicted to coffee, Tobey Maguire, books, sleeping late, daydreaming, blogging, Baileys, checking my e-mail.

You lie like a cheap rug.

I'm Todd and I'm addicted to video games, writing, porn, Bucs football, porn, Oklahoma football, porn, any football, pr0n, geek websites, geek TV shows, reading, writing, more reading, alot more writing, Buddhism, Taoism, James Joyce, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam and spam.

Oh yes, the porn. I am not addicted to porn. I am not addicted to football and hockey. And reading. And writing. And spam spam spam and eggs.

I am addicted to cheese.

does chronic masturbation count?

> does chronic masturbation count?

Is that like doing it in a time machine? That would be fun. You could spooge out the window on Napoleon's hat -- "Sorry about that, lil feller! Good luck at Waterloo! Ha ha ha ha ha..." -- and then smoke a cigarette with Sir Walter Raleigh.

hi, my name's jonathan. and i'm not addicted to playing video games (that much, anymore).
and seriously (and sadly), too.

...so it seems. either rate, such a travesty. =/

i still sure am addicted to buying video games though.

but i am very much addicted to the internet (still), livejournal (which will NEVER compare to your blog), food that is "bad" for you, my fujifilm finepix 2600 zoom digital camera, weezer's "blue album", and of COURSE...pepsi (or coke, if no pepsi can be found).

some things never change. _

oh, regarding the addiction to weezer's "blue album"...

stick in there: specifically "surf wax america".

that is all. :nods:

my name's val and I'm addicted to edy's mint choc chip ice cream, working out at the gym (it is too an addiction!) and buying any new supplement that's supposed to make me bigger and stronger, the internet, diet coke, batman comic books, trashy mystery novels, any sports gear (it's not if you win or lose, it's how you look playing the game) and driving really fast.

Hi, my name is Donna, and I'm not addicted to my blog, my photoblog, the color purple in all its forms, Friends reruns, infomercials for products I'll never buy, the illusion that I'll become proficient at web design, Swedish meatballs or good coffee.

Hi, I'm Frankie. waves

I'm not addicted to the colors blue or black, shoes, my weblog, metafilter, my boyfriend, love, compassion, glamour, cosmopolitans, martinis, jhames, DangerBoy, passionate kisses, sex, or leaving comments.

I can stop anytime. Honest.

I'm not addicted to one particular webblog, working for companies that give out options but have no future, programming, playing Soldier of Fortune II (especially at work), anything chocolate, my wife, the net.