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dick armey, spork hero

Dick Armey, the SPORKers hero.

"Mr. Armey, chairman of the House Select Committee on Homeland Security, included language in his markup of the legislation to prohibit the Justice Department from initiating the Terrorism Information and Prevention System, also called Operation TIPS"
Quote from Washington Times

Thanks to Bill for the heads up.

This does not mean that SPORK disbands, oh no. We have so much work to do. TIPS was just the umm...tip of the privacy iceberg.

Bill, go grab your SPORK spirit award.


Someone send Mr. Armey a tin foil hat.

sleep with one eye open...

We ain't out of the woods yet...go see paragraph one and follow the links.

When I was in the Navy, if you'd told me I might have to enforce civil laws, I'd have laughed in your face; I hope the same spirit prevails 30 years later.

any word on the bumper stickers front? oh. perhaps i was supposed to take care of that.... news to come.

happy dance