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puking mustard

puking mustard

Yes, I know this color looks like a jar of mustard puked all over the site. I'm being indecisive. Would any of you interior decorators at heart at there like to suggest something better?

Do you like the new logo?

Too bad if you don't.


Love the new logo, very effective. Nice site appearance!

Is it Feng Shui?

i like.

i like it a lot. and i like mustard.

I kinda like the mustard.

If you're looking for a good pairing with mustard, a good striking red goes well.

And that is Feng Shui, for luck and happiness (red/gold).

Massive thumbs up on the banner. And I like the yellow, but I think I liked your red/black typeface better. And since the banner has red trim, it would go nicely from the point of view of a kindergarten level interior decorator such as myself.

Nothing wrong with the mustard!

(FARRAGO mixed mustard and blue.)

eh, the mustard kinda throws me off. i'm used to the big bold redness. the red is loud and proud and emotional! mustard doesn't have so much of a statement except "blah, hello, i'm mustard."

Well, as it slowly loaded my first thought was a SPORK-like political commentary. That is, until I saw it wasn't t-shirted feds storming a private home, but a kids' baseball team.

I must have SPORK on the brain, after reading a newpaper article giving the special 800 number for reporting suspicious activity to the Louisiana State Police. And noticing in the coffee shop how political commentary conversations are carried on in low voices.

No, I'm not paranoid--or am I?

Incidentally, how can I get the code to put the SPORK logo and link on my site?

Sue, just right click and save the logo and then link it to this: http://asmallvictory.net/oldshit/000819.html

I am so (heart)ing the new graphic.
And I don't mind the mustard at all, but ya know the psychological set says that yellow incites anger, and means treachery. No wait, maybe that's just covert SPORKiness!

The banner's a definite improvement on the last one. I'm not going to criticise the colour scheme given that on some monitors my background colour looks like diarrhoea.

I should add that the last banner wasn't bad, but this one's better.

Hee. I suggest we impose a Code Mustard terror alert for the rest of the day, at least.

(love the banner, too!)

This is not the color of mustard. I just ate half a Plochman's container of mustard, put my finger down my throat, and this is not the same color of puked-up mustard.

Want me to take a webacm shot of the actual color? I'm still not great with color-balance but I can give it a shot.

I was thinking of going with a pickle green. Do you think you could puke some of that up for me so I can compare it with the mustard puke?

I dig the banner and the color scheme although I was also digging the black background when it was up for a brief while yesterday.

Needs more monkeys.

So, make me a monkey.