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caption please

Caption please


(picture stolen from phineas who stole it from jima. I don't want to know what Jima was doing when he found this)


I was looking at this site.

You just scarred me for life.

Caption: "Do NOT entrust your lawncare or dog-grooming needs to Edith Massey's clones."

The Sally Struthers Poodle Club welcomes spring.

Toad says, "This is the last time I fly coach"

A bunch of dogs...
With their pet poodles.

I would really like to suggest the google translation for jima's site.

Man, there should be some kind of warning before showing us that picture. I live alone and it's late at night, ya know?

Wake up! C'mon get happy!


An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!
(the little elf has a vibrating hat)

Someone told us eating poodles is the secret to eternal youth...maybe they said "walking poodles."

With each generation of cloning, Sally Struthers degenerated slightly; the poodle control group was unaffected.

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