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immoral support

Immoral support

While I will do it again in a more formal way as it gets closer to the Blogathon, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has sponsored me thus far. Please look over in the sidebar there to the right (no, my right...that way!). Visit their sites if they have one. They are fine people, all of them.

Now, see underneath where it says Immoral Supporter? Shel couldn't really afford to sponsor me at this time (the Canadian exchange rate would make even an obscenely large donation look like spare change) so he wanted to give me moral support. In Shel's case, that's immoral support.

So for those of you who would just like to say "hey, I'm gonna hang around and watch you act like an assclown while you try to stay awake for 24 hours straight" or anyone who is planning on sending me naked pictures of Mike Patton to keep my eyes open or if you just plan on dreaming about me while you're sleeping and I'm not (hey, James dreamed about me last night!), then you can be an immoral supporter too. Just let me know if you plan to support me that day and what immorality you plan to bring to the cause.

Oh, and if you want to sponsor someone but the Daniel Pearl Foundation isn't your thing, or if you want to sponsor another person, please check out Laurence who is blogathon-ing for Magen David Adom.


yay me! i started a meme! (well...ish)

You can count me in for that.

As far as what I plan on doing ... I don't know yet, but I won't be regretting it in the morning.

i plan on hanging around. i'd totally support your choice for daniel pearl, but i'm broke. (single mom syndrome). anyway, i'll be there offering support with comments. I suffer from insomnia. ugh.

Hey, I wanted to be an immoral supporter! You'll have to settle for naughty pictures on AIM, though.

I'm trying to figure out some good cause to throw some money at, because, as you know if you've read my entry on Save Karyn, I'm so disgusted that I have to give some money to a good and worthy cause just to spite her. Both of yours are in the running.

Oh please, can I immorally support you? In my solvent years I have been known to spread the cash to the worthy causes, like this one, but this ain't one of them. I'm this close to selling my panties on eBay to support my top ramen habit.

I will be flying home on a red-eye, fresh from visiting La Melly for 5 days of something-like-debauchery, arriving home on Blogathon day. I hereby vow to stay up and watch you blog, and... and... Maybe I'll sell some panties if you'll blog about it (the thing is the only way they sell is if you offer email sex to the johns buyers. um. ew.)

I probably won't be following it (weekend work), but I'll look forward to reading it later. Good luck!

i will be an (im)moral supporter. i'm blogging 24hours for VDAY (url: http://vday.org). i hereby pledge to visit your blog at least once every half hour for the duration of the blogathon. depending on how the "others" are feeling that night, (me and the other voices in my head--they're sometimes a little anti-social), we might just sit on aol IM all night, too. i would try to bribe them (the voices) with something they like, but you know...i just can't guarantee their behavior. one minute, we're all happy skippy and cohesive, the next... well, TMI.

heya...it's okay now, you can change the url. i don't mind so much anymore. i think. :P

sorry i couldn't give much. the exchange rate of malaysian ringgit to american dollars is 3.8 : 1 and i only had 150 ringgit. sorry. but at least you're still 1/2?!? :)

hope you're havign a great evening..


Rach, no amount is ever too small. Just the fact that you have chosen to sponsor me is enough in itself.

Can I just be your athletic supporter? ;)

"If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter"