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real life theater

Real life theater

scene: local conglomerate drugstore
players: 2 college age workers stacking shelves with soda

Guy: Hey, that guy was staring at your tits!
Girl: Nah, I don't think so. I've seen him in here before and I think he's gay.
Guy: Honey, even gay guys like tits.
Girl: No they don't!
Guy: Trust me on this one, ok?
Girl stares at guy for a few seconds. Guy blushes.
Girl: OH.MY.GOD! You're GAY! You are, aren't you?
Guy: I've been working here two weeks and you're just figuring that out?
Girl: Well, I...I...
Guy: As if my obsession with Elijah Wood didn't give it away?
Girl: OH.MY.GOD.
Guy: You're horrified, aren't you?
Girl: Dude, I am SO going to fix you up with my brother. You're coming over my house tonight.
Guy: OH, does he look like Elijah??


Hahahahaha! Proof that truth is stranger (and usually a lot funnier) than fiction. -- as is also often the case with Raising Hell. Hehe.

Yaaaay! What a fun drugstore counter.

You are a pisser.

Why doesn't that shit ever happen to me?
(cute story, babe)

hahaha. that's hilarious!

and I, too, would like to know why this didn't happen to me.

Maybe your tits aren't all that great.

Puh-leeze. Your tits are great. What a wonderful story.