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I think Saddam just triple-dog dared the U.S.

Question is, will we stick our tongues on the pole?


I think what Saddam said is pretty much what any leader would say if another country threatened them. It isn't any different than GW saying that terrorists would not destroy the American way of life (though GW pretty much has).

Bush just wants to get rid of Saddam for his daddy's sake, and he will likely use it to cover negative publicity over the economy or his past business dealings. I think he is really hoping to wait and attack Iraq just before the next election, so that voting for him would be the patriotic thing to do. Just my opinion, anyway.

I wasn't implying that I want W. to take the dare.

I just like quoting A Christmas Story whenever I see the opportunity.

I'd like to shoot his eye out.

I hope Saddam does the same thing he did last time -- destroy the country's oil production capacity and wait for a Western company like Halliburton to rebuild it. Why didn't we topple Saddam before? It's not because we couldn't -- it's because there was nothing of value left to build a puppet government over.

And now that the Veep's former company has subsidized a rebuilt oil industry in the country, it's time to bring up weapons of mass destruction again. Beautiful.

dare? nah, he's just doing another tuesday night fireside chat.

Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

A crummy two-bit dictator? Son of a bitch...