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just kill me now

Just kill me now. please.

This is your daughter.

This is your daughter on puberty.

Any questions?


She's just fighting to find herself, hon. It'll pass and she'll be a cool chiquita like her mother eventually.

I personally switch between the two about every thirty minutes.

Oh man, thanks for the heads up. My daughter's due to hit puberty any minute now. Now I can look for the warning signs.

Katie Ka-BOOM!

Oh god!! No questions just my deepest and sincerest understanding.I have a 15 year old and she makes me wish her father and I were divorced so I could send her to live with him.I need peace and tranquility. Can I survive this??!!

Are you guys ending up on the same cycle? My mom and I did...and man was it ever "duck and cover" time...

My poor father had three girls all on the same cycle when I was growing up. He used to keep a sign on the fridge during that time that said BEWARE!

Blame your Mother. She wished it all upon you. And oh yeah, you're exaggerating. She's an angel!

You only claim she is an angel because she is YOU, Lisa.

Spawn of Satan, both of ya.

hehe, wait until you get to the body peircing phase.