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george w. bush: america's appetite supressant

George W. Bush: America's appetite supressant

I was all set to order my lunch of sesame chicken when I came across this and suddenly felt sick to my stomach. In addition to the Citizen Corps, there's TIPS, as in Terror Information and Prevention System.

I'm reminded of the scene in Frankenstein where the whole town is chasing him. I'm reminded of several scenes in history that I don't even want to think about.

Why not just give everyone carte blanche to apprehend anyone who looks "suspicious" or behaves in an odd manner? What's the next step? Camps? Roundups of anyone who is not a white, English speaking person? How the hell are they going to weed out the crank calls from the real ones? What is going to stop every racist nutjob from calling in lies about their foreign neighbors?

What happened to the land of the free, home of the brave thing? When do we gather on the White House lawn and give the one-armed salute to our all-powerful government?

I need a cigarette.


Anytime you want to make a run for the border, I've got a couch and a bottle of tequila waiting for you in Canada.

Did this post seem unconstitutional to anyone? Should we amend the constitution further to ensure that it does?

Canada is starting to look better all the time. I can't wait for the next presidential election.

Oh, and I'm watching all of you.

Michele, do you take any solace in knowing that the American war-time suspension of sanity and decency is nothing new?

It has happend before, it will happen again. This is just our turn.

Your seditious and libelous post has been noted, discussed and red-flagged. Secret agents in black helicopters are on their way to your house to take you away to Room 101, where you will learn to love President Figurehead -- I mean, Big Brother. You will believe everything the media tells you. We are winning the war on terrorism. Burger King uses high-quality meat. Anna Nicole Smith is a mentally stable, accomplished and talented actress, worthy of an entire channel devoted solely to her, not just a weekly half-hour show. Enron had a financially stable business plan, but market conditions forced it to restructure. Pretzels are dangerous and potentially lethal.

Right, Aaron--Licoln suspended habeus corpus during the War Between the States.

(but Canada is too cold for this Southern gal)

Here's the entire content of the DOJ-provided info about this program.

Can we spell Manzanar, among other places?

apparently oz will be the 51st state pretty soon - in the meantime, h ow do you expect to get head, sorry, ahead in the new world order with that sorta attitude missie?

I'm pretty sure that Blair has already bent Britain over for the US to make us the 51st State, they even made a movie about it (which had its title changed to Formula 51 in the US for some bizarre reason)

better watch what you write, Citizen. sounds like you're not with US.

I stumbled across this site in a fairly random search for "spork" on the net, (and don't worry, I won't report you to the Dubya's gestapo), just wanted everyone to know I enjoy and agree with your comments very much, we need more like-minded people in the voting population!