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wedding bitchiness

Wedding bitchiness

The invitations have been mailed out. The caterer has been hired. The DJ has been hired.

I find myself strangely detached from all the planning. I'm sort of letting the cards fall where they may. If it rains, it rains. If people come, they do, if they don't, fuck 'em.

I just want a party. People are raising eyebrows when I say it's a barbecue or that kids are invited. Whatever. If you want a 4-star wedding go hang out with some celebrities. If my steak and burgers menu and my "bring your bathing suits" invite and my tequila shots and heavy rock and roll are too much for you, don't come, ok? It's my wedding, not yours.

That's what I feel like saying anyhow. But I don't. I just get aggravated or make a face or shrug.

I hope half these people don't even show. I hope it's my immediate family and some close friends and a keg of beer. We'll party into the wee hours of the morning, after the kids have passed out on the lawn and I will not miss anyone who didn't come because they had other plans and my wedding was just a barbecue, so why should they arrange their schedule around it? I mean, if it's not a 100 dollar a head sit down dinner in a fancy restuarant, it's not a real wedding, right?

Either way, I'll still be married at the end of the day. I'll still be driving out to Port Jefferson the next morning to take our one day honeymoon at a waterfront hotel. I'll still be a bride and the fact that you were forced to eat a hamburger at my reception won't make it any less so.

Anyhow, I just want to thank my sisters:

Jo-Anne, for taking all the planning on herself, for arranging everything and taking over and doing a damn fine job.

Lisa, for not getting upset that I'm sort of stepping on her toes by getting married before her long-ago planned June 2003 wedding.

Oh, and if anyone wants to join us the Friday before the wedding (August 23) for a night of debauchery and celebrating, I'll be hosting a pre-wedding bachelor/bachelorette party. No, there will not be strippers. But there will be jello shots.

Now, I have to go think of new ways to make my relatives shake their head in disapproval at me. I'm thinking having Choire pop out of the wedding cake.

I haven't had a cigarette yet today. I'm one cranky bitch.


Your wedding sounds like a blast, Michele. If it's not snooty enough for people, fuck 'em, I say!

Give a quick look at Diana's journal for three days before her wedding.

P.S. It went off just fine.

Your wedding sounds a lot better than the usual boring and formal ritual. I mean, you know at least half of the person present so why not act like it really is?

It IS your wedding. If they can't accept that, well you'll still be happily married and on your mini-honeymoon with or without their attendance. Hang in there.

P.S. Todd's brother and wife threw a $100/head fancy wedding with hundreds of guests in '99. We were married in '96. Guess which wedding of the two is still talked about and remembered fondly. Everyone knows where our rehearsal dinner was held. No one can even remember what flavor their cake was.

Does that mean my wedding is going to be a sucky cliche? Should I scrap the plans and have a barbeque instead so people will remember it??? Just remember, to each his own.

Lisa, how could your wedding be a sucky cliche when we are all going to hold up lighters while you and Rob dance to hair metal power ballads?

Girl, I'll pop out of any ol cake any time. As long as it offends your family.

Seriously. The most horrible thing about weddings is that most people don't get to do what they want to do: their families need the religious hoo-ha, or the reception has to pay back favors to Uncle Vinnie, or some shit. SO YAY! You're rocking out freestyle and that's awesome. It's your relationship and your wedding.

Shit: I wanna go to Lisa's wedding! Hair metal!

One thing I learned when I was getting married is that those that will bitch will bitch no matter what. If you were having $100 a plate dinner, someone would still complain about the menu and the location. Or the date. Or your choice of colors. The only way to win is to play it your way.

August 23rd is my anniversary. I'll be thinking of you!

What I wouldn't give to be there. Flights to New York, however, are far beyond the means of an IT consultant from North Dakota... that really bums me out.

Your wedding sounds beautiful. That's all I have to say :)

At first I was anxious about doing my wedding my way...married in Vegas with a family reception a month later but after looking at the turnout and the embarrassment, I am glad I did it the way I did. Best to you as you are married...YOUR WAY!