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around the yard in 80 shades

Around the yard in 80 shades

droopth.jpg dropth.jpg gdropth.jpg leafth.jpg pdropth.jpg

I've become addicted to taking pictures. I may not do it as well as others, but I still get an incredible amount of joy from it. I consider photography a challenge; to get the camera lens to see something the way my eye sees it, to transfer what my world looks like to an image that others can see. I love the shades in a black and white photo. I love the way drops of water are caught sliding down a plant stem. What may appear to others to be just a dull flower may be a world of wonder to me. Maybe the sun caught a petal just right, maybe the way the leaf is drooping makes me feel some empathy for it. Clouds, rain, birds and trees all hold stories and emotions. I just try to capture them so others can feel it, too. If you don't see what I see - and I admit it's always hard to capture on film what is in your eyes - then I at least hope you enjoy the pictures for what you see in them.


Don't sell yourself short. Your pics are lovely.

Those are FANTASTIC! Wow. Gorgeous. (I'm speechless. Really. And that doesn't happen often.)

I need a better camera - and a better sense of composition.

Lovely pics, Michele.

Mmmm, droooooop.

Looks like someone got herself a Nikon Coolpix?

Mmm. I love the second one so very much. red!

Lovely, lovely pictures. I like the red one, very pretty contrast, and the dew/rain really adds to the pictures.

That Ann-Elizabeth chick is over-rated anyway, don't worry about it. I hear she rips all her images from those royalty-free sites...

And I'm sure when I show her that comment you will be sleeping alone for a few days.