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with this decoder ring, i thee wed

WWith this decoder ring, I thee wed...

Justin and I have been shopping for rings for our wedding.

I am not a jewelry type person. I don't like spending lewd amounts of money on gold and silver and diamond. Especially not when we are thinking of buying a house.

Factor in the whole vibe of the wedding - casual, backyard, barbecue, mosh pit, drunken bride singing heavy metal karaoke - I found some rings which would be more fitting for our ceremony and vows.

Which one do you like best?

atom bomb ring: because our love is da bomb

batman ring: because after the vows I want to say quick, to the batmobile!

blinking ring: what's morse code for "let's sneak out of the reception and have wild monkey sex?

chex decoder ring: because it's just, you know...cool

devil head ring: this will work only if we wear all black

laser rings: so we can shoot at the paparazzi as they fly overhead in their helicopters

pentagram ring: candlelit dinner, now we're holding hands, I taught you how to draw your first pentagram...we are Pantera fans in love

star wars rings: "By the power vested in me by the Rebel Alliance, I now pronounce you Jedi and wife. May the force be with you."

I couldn't find any Spiderman or Spongebob rings. But I'm sure one of the above will do.


"wild monkey sex" in Morse code is:
.-- .. .-.. .. / -- --- -. -. . .-- / ... . -..

You are a source of all that is necessary to know in this life, John.

laser rings. definitely.

Star Wars rings. I am in absolutely no doubt.

Atom Bomb ring. You could use it to bean each other on the forehead.

Ooooh, I want a C3P0 ring.
To go with my underoos.

did you manage to get the poison tribute band lined up for the big day yet?

Star Wars. They're classy.

How bout Wonder Twin rings?
So that you could click them together and say "Wonder Twin powers activate!" and further confuse your family?
Actually - wait - the Wonder Twins were siblings so that would suggest you were marrying your - er, nevermind, sorry - I think this is a sign I've been living in the south too long. (yeek!)

Actually, batty, Justin had suggested the same thing.

(he lived in Tennessee for a while, so that may explain it)

you need green lantern rings. definitely. and those aren't even that hard to come by.

just be careful... depending on which one you get, it may not work on either things that are yellow, or made of wood.

i'm gonna end that comment riiiiiight there.

chex decoder ring because your love is unique and complex like messages translated by flimsy paper dials.

quoting NH lyrics gets a big thumbs-up from me, yo!

Two Tiparillo Bands. We used to wear them all the time. I guarantee there's still a box in the garage. Grandpa hid things quite well.

first off.. i understand.. i too say fuck it up the ass in a hateful kinda way to debeers.
also.. starwars.. all the way.
email us when u do the deed.

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