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casting couch: superman v. batman

Casting couch: Superman v. Batman

We've been sitting around for an hour casting the Superman v. Batman movie. I'm just so afraid that the casting directors are going to fuck this one up bad, that we decided to do their job for them.

So far we have Bruce Campbell as Superman and Christoher Meloni (Keller from Oz) as Batman. Gary Oldman must be a villian. He would be perfect as The Joker, which would also open things up for an appearance by Harley Quinn.

Who are your choices for Batman and Superman? Who would make a good Harley Quinn?

(disclaimer: anyone who says that Freddie Prinze, Jr., Chris O'Donnel, George Clooney, Vin Diesel or Michael Keaton should play either super hero this time around gets their IP address banned from this site)

tonight's dinner conversation starter via kehaar


I'd probably go for Bruce Campbell as all the parts. But then again, I'm a huge fanboy of Bruce.

Seriously though, Vincent O'Donofrio as Batman (because Batman is a psycho as well) and Noah Wade as Superman (he got superhuman strength, he doesn't need big muscles and he can be creadable as the meek and dull Clark Kent). I'm drawing blank on Harley Quinn.

That should be Noah Wyle. Bad Nicklas. Doublecheck names in the future...

Brendan Fraser as Superman, but Batman stumps me...Guy Pierce maybe?

We were contemplating Guy Pierce in some role, but thought he was too scrawny for batman.

As for Brendan Fraser, Justin says "eat my ass."

Sometimes, yes, but Brendan was so good in Gods and Monsters that he's redeemed himself.

Brendan Fraser? Are you serious? Ugh. Can't see it. We did a little more discussing of villians around the office today. What about Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter? I am surprised that I haven't heard anything regarding Brad Pitt. I think he'd make a convincing Batman. Jason Patrick from Speed II and The Lost Boys as Superman? Ray Liota as Superman? Thanks for the link!

Oh, and if you liked that as a source of conversation, check out this: Top 10 comic books I'd like to see made into movies. What do you guys want to see?

Jason Patric or Ray Liotta? Ugh. ;)

I'd love to see Grimjack done up right. That would be just fabulous. The Watchmen has lingered far too damn long on the shelves of the studios. Matt Wagner's Grendel (The Eppy Thatcher Years) would also kick serious ass.

This Das Batman/Superman crap is doomed doom doom de doom doomed.
AOL/TIME/WARNER/DC can suck it - unless they turn out a slew of correctly made Vertigo titles.

I never gave a crap about superman, that honky was too white for my blood. Everytime he was trying to get some real work done, some kid was hanging from a bridge someplace. So yeah, Bruce Campbell would carry the whole movie. I just think it would great to have a imperfect superman, like when he's not doing something sauve he's tripping over a few things or makes a mistake when no one is around.

So yeah, pee on it. I cast a batman movie over a fajita and root beer.

Here, have a taco.

Gosh. I truly hate to disagree with you, but...no.

Bruce Campbell is Green Arrow.

I know. I hate to admit that, too. When it comes to Bruce Campbell, you and I are sympatico.

But it's true.

Picture Bruce Campbell saying, "My ward, Speedy, is A JUNKIE!"

I might get back to you on the rest of the casting.

Come to think of it...Y'know, Tim Burton might have considered Gary Oldman not as a villain...but for Bruce Wayne. Makes more sense than Michael Keaton, who turned out to be as right as Toby McGuire. But...ROSENKRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN...to BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA...to TRUE ROMANCE...Hm.

(Wow--haven't felt this much faux-casting tension since the debate over whether Troy Donahue should play Johnny Storm, the Fantastic 4's Human Torch...)

I dig Bruce Campbell. "This... is my BOOMSTICK!"

I can definitely see Brendan Fraser as Superman -- he's versatile enough to pull off the geek as well as the action hero. "Red October"-era Alec Baldwin might have been able to pull off Batman. Or maybe Guy Pearce.

I've heard that they're signing Paul Walker (the blond dude from The Fast and the Furious) for the new "Buck Rogers" film.

Thank you thank you thank you for the thumbs down on Brendan. I rolled my eyes as well when he said it outloud. ;-) I'd like to see Colin Farrell as something. He was just yummy to watch in Minority Report. And of course if I'm casting, Jason Lee goes in just because I said so. I actually think he might be quite decent as Bruce Wayne -- I'd like to see if he has a dark/brooding side. And look here. Add Buddy Holly glasses. Clark Kent? Maybe?

I'm a big fan of Bruce Campbell as well. I could see him as either Batman or Superman, though I have a hard time taking him seriously after Briscoe County Jr. and Army of Darkness. Maybe Green Arrow would be right up his alley, though I can picture Sean Bean in that role quite well.

The more I think of it, the more I like Peter Weller of Robocop fame. He had such great quotes in that movie. Can't you picture Batman saying "Dead or alive, you are coming with me." or "Drop your weapons or there will be...trouble."

(disclaimer: anyone who says that Freddie Prinze, Jr., Chris O'Donnel, George Clooney, Vin Diesel or Michael Keaton should play either super hero this time around gets their IP address banned from this site)

What the hell did I do to deserve this? I think I'd make one hell of a cool superhero ;) And if your going to dis a guy, at least spell his name right. It's two L's at the end, for both of us!

C'mon guys, you know that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are gonna get the roles. Ben as Superman, Matt as Batman. It's a producer's wildest wet dream to get these two together for that type of pair-up.

Of course, you would make a far better superhero than that other, less talented Chris O'DoneLL.

You can read for the part today. Bring donuts and coffee.

Ryan, a producer's wet dream is always a fan's worst nightmare.

If Christopher Meloni were Batman, I'd severely self-destruct in a total overload of testosterone flooding into my system.


fans self

I need to go be alone now

I think that we're probably safe from Ben Affleck since he's going to play Daredevil in the upcoming flick. I feel certain that Matt Damon will be inflicted upon us in one role or another, even though he'll be breaking the "one hero per actor role". If you'll remember, he is already Cyclops in the X-men movies. Maybe if we're lucky, someone in casting will stumble across our little posts and get a clue. I don't suspect we'll be lucky.

I had a big long heavy dream in which Bruce Campbell featured, last night.


I've got it. Steve Buscemi as Superman. Gary Sinise as Batman. It's the all-ugly Superhero battle of all time.

how about meg ryan as harley quinn?

i think micheal keaton should play batman, brendon fraiser as superman, jim carry as the the joker and natalie portman as harley quinn.

I've been say since the release of Blast from the Past that Brendan Frazier should play the man of steel. As a matter of fact, I never heard anyone else say it before that. I still say that's true. He's 6'3" tall, got the right build and look and a very very versatile actor. I'd like to see Micheal Keaton as Batman but I doubt that will happen. I can tell you no way will Ben Affleck be Superman since he's already signed up to do Daredevil. I've heard on another board suggestions of Freddy prince Jr and I can tell you that would be a joke.

Natalie Portman would make a great addition to the movie. I don't have a good suggestion for Batman. John Cussack maybe? That's about the best I can come up with although they are now saying that it will be a Superman only feature which I think is best.

Either way, Christopher Reeve is going to be very very hard to top. Richard Donner as ex producer is an excellent idea.

mickey rourke as batman and i dont know who as superman.

to kehaar - Doesn't James Marsden play Cyclops in the X men movies? Guy Pearce is not a bad choice for Batman, he does sombre well. Martin Crewes for Batman!

Did anyone realise Bruce Campell was a bad guy on "Lois and Clark"?

Listen up People! It's going to be Brendan Fraser for Superman. He has already signed the deal with Warner Brothers and is in screening with Tim Burton. Yes Brendan Fraser is the perfect choice! He has the Height and the perfect personality and Brawn for the "Man of Steel". No One even compares to the Choice of Brendan Fraser so you all be quit with your ignorance! Another thing it wasn't Matt Damon that played Cyclops you fag it was James Marsden!

i think superman should be played by RICKY MARTIN!!! YE,YE,YEEE!!!!!!! you will regret if you're not choose him.

Brendan Frazier can do whatever whenever he wants. That is the beauty of his acting skills.