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Oh, those summer nights: pictures that have nothing to do with the words

Natalie turns into a monster at Raising Hell

Oh, those summer nights: pictures that have nothing to do with the words

The past few days I feel as if I have come close to finally flipping out. Maybe the dog days of summer are getting to me. I think it's more than the heat, though.

There are things going in in this world that make your hair curl. It is my opinion that when people run ideas for reform up the flagpole they should remember the glass house rule.

I've been feeling tired and caged in and I'm just waiting for the light at the other end to come through. It's all you can do to keep your head above water sometimes. I have to find a way to warm myself up when the constant barrage of bad news leaves me cold. Perhaps I need to find a private moment of zen each day, a way to let the aggravation fly away from here.

I don't want to walk around pouting all the time. Yet I don't want to extinguish the flame that burns inside me, because that flame is what keeps me going in many ways. I play this constant game of tug-of-war with myself.

Maybe I should just learn when to catch what's thrown at me and when to get out of the way.


Purty pictures..

the link to the full story doesn't work

Those ZEN and POUTING pictures are special. I love your composition and choice of lighting. I don't think my camera does many of these effects. Do you use some special software to doctor some of the images?

I do use Photoshop sometimes, but neither ZEN nor POUTING were touched up.

I just use a Sony digital camera that gives me a nice choice of options as far as lighting, etc.