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breaking up is hard to do

Breaking up is hard to do

Dear Major League Baseball,

Our relationship has spanned almost my entire lifetime. I fell in love with you when I was a little girl and that love has stayed in my heart throughout the years.

Sometimes I feel like an abused lover, taking so much crap from you while I give and give and rarely get anything back but aggravation. Sure, you've given my championship banners and some incredible moments, but lately you have failed to hold my interest in between the days of glory.

You have turned your back on me so many times. Slapped me in the face. Broke my heart. I stuck with you through strikes and high ticket prices and assinine management decisions. I stayed through lockouts and pine-tar and disputed games and steroids. I have sat back and taken the mental abuse each time because you always promised that it would get better again. It would be ok.

You lied. This season has been especially heartbreaking. From the YES Network fiasco to last night's horrid display of complete idiocy and lack of respect for the people who love you most, you have finally pushed me to end this love affair.

I'm not even going to wait around for the next strike or walk out. I'm leaving now, before you break my heart again.

Don't worry about me. I won't be lonely long. The first NFL pre season game is August 9th.

I'm sorry, baseball. This is good-bye.

elsewhere: Todd calls a DOA on baseball and Stacy calls for the fans to strike. Or switch to badminton.


We stuck around long enough to snicker at Barry Bonds' home run denied...what the hell happened?

Let's not make the wait any longer than it has to be - the first NFL pre-season game is August 3rd, Redskins v. 49ers in Japan. counting the days down miserably

Stacy, they ran out of pitchers in the 11th inning.

What they should have done was had some kind of shoot-out, soccer style. They could have even used non-pitchers to pitch.

Call me foolish, but I thought the All-Star game was supposed to be FUN. They could have done SOMETHING rather than disappoint all the fans who had waited all year to be at this event.

You know, that's exactly what I was saying to the husband as that asshead Tim McCarver berated Sammy Sosa for trying to make third and getting thrown out. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!!

Baseball died for me when McGwire retired. whimper

Want to know how long I have been out of my relationship with baseball? I'll give you a hint: the Detroit Tigers were competing.

NHL training camp begins in early September.

you should show everyone what we did last time baseball f**ked us over....

I was an A's fan for years, but now the game seems like it is run based on 'good business' decisions. The players make millions, and they look bored or put out to actually have to play the game. Go 49ers!

I embrace basketball season...when it comes on in..August?..Ugh..must I resort to the WNBA?

Also..the only reason why I might even be slightly interested in Baseball after this fiasco is to see how the Red Sox might do.

Baseball will be sorry to lose you, Michele. I get sad just thinking about it.

Hmm, didn't catch even a single pitch of that game. After these comments, I guess I should at least visit one of the sports-oriented websites and see what this is all about!

OK, I've read the sports stories. What a hoot! I think a homerun contest should be used to break a tie only when all players have been exhausted from the roster.

And, like in kid's leagues, it should be 1-pitch per batter (around the rotation of players still left in the game), from the pitcher on your own team. After all hitters have a go, switch to the other team. If the tie is still there after the two teams have had their swings, then call it a draw.

Yeah, how outrageous was that decision last night to call the game... not to mention how they made the announcement before the NL got to bat. I've never heard so many fans chant the same thing so loudly before. "Let them play! Let them play!" Let them play!" Let them play!" Let them play!" Let them play!" Let them play!" Let them play!"

Grassy-ass for the linkage. :)

Michele, once again you have summed up my thoughts perfectly. Some of my fondestest memories consist of trips to Flushing (yes, I grew up a Mets fan while everyone around me worshipped the almighty, indestructible, deadly boring Yankees) to watch Met games with my Dad. I wrote every player on the roster for autographed pictures, which they used to send you FOR FREE.

I recently returned to baseball, not because of Big Mac or strikes or anything, but because of the genius of John Miller (that fat bald dude who calls games with Joe Morgan on Sunday nights). He's the Giants play by play guy, and easily the smartest guy involved with baseball in any capacity (and yes, I'm including both Bob Costas and the evil George Will). Listening to him call games on KNBR made me fall back in love with the baseball.

I'm doomed to see both sides of the labor dispute, although I always side with the workers — even if in this case they're mutlibillionaires. Hopefully Jeff Kent and Tom Glavine will figure it out before Donald Fehr and Bud Selig sent this thing careening off the rails.

Oh, and that All-Star game? A sham of a mockery of a travesty.



i love baseball, but it's getting harder and harder to watch. especially if you're from detroit. last night on tv the westland city council meeting was more exciting to watch than tigers baseball.

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