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rockin the blogathon (your theme song)

Your theme song, or: how you are going to help me get through the blogathon

So, I am working on this project that I just thought up about 3 minutes ago. I decided that I need an inspiring soundtrack for Blogathon. And who better to inspire me than other bloggers and readers? Here's what I need from you:

Tell me a song that represents you. It could be your favorite song, or a song that means something to you or says something about you. It's your theme song.

I am going to 1)make a cd(s) of all the songs, 2) post about each person's song at some time during the blogathon and 3) give copies of the cd(s) to the person who leaves the most comments during my 24 hours of blogging.

I have 16 days until the blogathon but you have only today to list your song(s) in the comments below, because I will probably need time to find copies of all the songs, what with the demise of almost every decent file-sharing program out there.

So, give me your theme song, and the reason why it's your theme song. Together, we will rock the blogathon wild.

(You can still sponsor me if you want. Also, anyone who has sponsored me but isn't listed on the sidebar, please contact me)


I couldn't get through the days lately without a little Beastie Boys Sabotage.

I have always gotten a whole lo done when listening to metallica. my fave song (if i had to choose just one) is Dyers Eve.

I'm gonna have to give you Bjork's hyperballad.

But don't listen to it when you're getting schleepy.

My personal theme song is The Beatles' "Nowhere Man".

She looks like the real thing
She tastes like the real thing
My fake plastic love

You know the song.

"Fuck and Run" by Liz Phair. Yeeeeah.

Sonic Youth's Teenage Riot - because "it takes a teenage riot to get me outta bed, it's true"

Hmm...I've always liked Metallica "Enter the Sandman"

So many to choose from ... but I'd have to offer up Santana's "Evil Ways" as a pretty good theme song. On those days when Evil Kelly is out in full force, my husband likes to put this CD in the stereo. ;)

Beastie Boys, No Sleep til Brooklyn.

Rasputina -- Brand New Key

because "goth" cello girls covering an oldie is super snazzy.

Bruce Cockburn's "Rocket Launcher." And if you need a copy, I'll provide you with one.

Weezer's "The Good Life":

I don't wanna be an old (wo)man anymore
It's been a year or two since I was out on the floor
Shakin' booty, makin' sweet love all the night
It's time I got back to the good life

It's time I got back
It's time I got back
And I don't even know how I got off the track
I wanna go back, yeah!

L7 Shitlist, but that's mostly on Mondays.

I'd have to say Sweet Thing by Van Morrison (from the Astral Weeks album).

Counting Crows: Speedway
(off of the album 'This Desert Life')

dj assault - yo relatives
only because if you listen to it around hour 23 or something, when you're tired, you'll probably laugh yourself awake.

today, i'm feeling very "Scatterheart" by Bjork.

tomorrow I may have a different answer. but you asked about today, so you've got it.

Grand Theft Audio - "As Good As It Gets"

I am SO out of the current music scene. I don't recognize a single song or singer, except my (mid-30s)daughter has referred to Metallica. Wow--reading this list has made feel WAAAY beyond the Beatles' "when I'm 64."

Want You Bad, Offspring.

Yeah, I know.

"Hyperballad" by Bjork.

I consider that song to epitomise how I've felt the last few months. It starts out with the singer explaining to someone she cares deeply for about what she has to go through in order to feel safe with herself.

And that song rings bells inside of me because I feel like a lot of the time I do absurd shit just so I can feel secure in any given situation. The song puts into music the feeling I get alot that I'm just moments away from losing it, and somehow I manage to pull myself together just when it matters.

Plus, it's a beautiful song. :)

ha, should've read the other's comments first, it seems mine's been taken. :)

tania, by camper van beethoven

Starfuckers, Inc. (Nine Inch Nails)

"Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles.
because ratty has a REAL name...LOL! it is the "georgia" song of my generation, my auntie georgia's song was "sweet georgia brown" ... :)
i grew up listening to that song. i grew up thinking it was sung for me, about me, to me... and nobody can sing it like ray charles :)

"Fistfull of ideals" by "de heideroosjes"

Barenaked Ladies, Break Your Heart.

My montra (taken from that song):
"The weakest thing I've ever done was to stay right by your side."

Oh! Make sure you get the live version off Rock Spectacle. It was originally recorded on Born on a Pirate Ship, but I really like the live version better.

Ticking - Elton John [Caribou album]

My currnet faves are songs from SSX Tricky: Song for Dot, Bonecracker, It's Tricky.

But the ultimate shel song... always will be... Roxette's Joyride.

Don't hate me.

Dude, I'm sticking with It's Tricky. If I play Roxette while I'm blogging I may turn to dust or something.

It's tricky to rock a rhyme...

Damn, it's gonna be stuck in my head all day now.

I just remembered that you have to include Bomb The Bass "Bug Powder Dust", the perfect anthem for all Naked Lunch-esque insomnia-fuelled typing endeavors.