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the war whisperer

The war whisperer

I forgot one part of my dreams last night. There was a man - a tall thin shadow of a man - who whispered in my ear that "war is coming" and I first I thought he was trying to sing a Six Feet Under song to me, but he wasn't doing that death growl. He whispered it again - war is coming - and then slipped off like a shadow does when darkness eats it up.

Later on I read this which reminded me of this and then I watched our fearless leader smirk his way around some questions and say yea, we want Saddam out but it's gonna be a big surprise how we do it. It's not for you to know, you damn reporters! Begone with you! I want to eat my leftover birthday cake!
I think that's what he said, anyhow.

So that shadow guy in my dream may have been onto something or he may have been reciting death metal lyrics and Stephen may or may not have spilled the beans, but honestly, even if he did write classified information on his weblog, this guy should just simmer down and shut up because what are the chances that Saddam's henchmen are sitting around going through their blogrolling links looking for clues as to when the U.S. will attack them?

Eh. I'm tired of thinking. I'm gonna go watch the Home Run Derby and throw things at the tv every time someone mentions the looming baseball strike. Let me tell you, if those guys walk out in August, I am NOT coming back when they do this time. I'll go watch Arena football or something.

Speaking of baseball, July 18 is Arthur Andersen Appreciation night at the Portland Beavers (yes, beavers - go ahead and make the necessary comments) game against Edmonton. Just so you know.

Had two cigarettes today, which certainly is a remarkable change from the 15 or so I normally smoke. Those two cigarettes may have saved the lives of my loved ones. I kid you not.


And thanks.

I've been feeling pretty depressed about the whole lack-of-work situation lately, but whenever I start feeling really pathetic I get a reminder that I'm really happy to be living my life to its natural light-filled fullest and not spending precious time locked in a cubicle. I'm happy to be pouring my energy into personal creative projects instead of corporate marketing schemata or even television docudramas, if we're about to be plunged deeper into war.

also: You had two cigarrettes, I had two hamburgers over the weekend. After swearing off beef a week ago. Still: what you said.