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is it friday yet?

Is it Friday yet?

It's Monday and it will be Monday all day. I am sick with a summer flu, the kind that moves from your head to your stomach with one quick motion, catching you totally unaware. It stays longer than a winter flu, and latches onto you harder than a spring cold.

I'm tired of the heat, yet tired of the air conditioner constantly whirring. I'm just tired in general. I've been dreaming the dreams of the feverishly deranged, and sometimes it takes me a full day to shake the vibes that the dreams leave.

Last night, the separate dreams all melded togther. Usually, I wake up from one before I start another. But this time they just blended, although I could tell where one ended and one began, because my dream editor used a fade technique.

Dream 1 took place in a mall, where a disaster preparedness seminar was going on. I just wanted to shop, but everywhere I walked, people would shove me out of the way to get a glimpse at the lecturers, who were standing on a podium at least ten feet high. I had a plate of cookies in my hand, and I was balancing a drink on top of the stroller I was pushing. Fade to black.

Dream 2 took place in a school library, where I was supposed to be handing out two books to each child who came in for a school project. A boy of about 12 came in. He was chubby yet stocky and wore a backwards baseball cap. I handed him a book about bears and book about kangaroos and he threw them back at me. Ann Coulter appeared from under the desk and started throwing encyclopedias at me. When I opened up each one she threw, I saw that all the pages were blank. She ran off with the young boy, whispering in his ear a fiendish plot to overthrow the library. Fade to black.

Dream 3, I was in my old bedroom in my parent's house. I was performing oral sex on two men with English accents and dirty hair. My father walked in on us and grinned at the two men. I threw my jeans on and ran out of the house, crying. Fade to black.

Dream 4 (don't worry, it's the last one) was outside of a huge, run down mansion. I was trying to find pieces to a puzzle, like in an adventure game. I had my camera in hand and was trying to take a picture of the full moon, reflected in a tree stump made of black lacquer. A man was leaning out the window of the mansion attic, waving his arms and calling to me. He had no eyes. I woke myself up and stayed up.

Yesterday, I read Coraline, and I'm sure a lot of the last dream was based on that story. And I know where the Ann Coulter thing came from.

No idea where I was going with this, except to say that I am sick, I am miserable and I want to bang my head against the wall repeatedly until I pass out and wake up next week and the house is clean, the food shopping is done, the kids aren't cranky and the wedding is paid for.

I'm trying to quit smoking. That thump-thump-thump sound you hear is me banging my head against any available surface. It's a fists clenched sort of day.


good luck with the cigs, i'm quitting too. you really miss it, for sure. god, there are times i'd kill for a smoke. the smell of the tobacco, the sound of the match, the rush of that first drag...

I think the aliens are trying to communicate with us. I've had my fair share of dreams lately as well.

I think the aliens are calling us back home, Todd.

One question: Will there be anal probes? I dunno if I can take that again. Errr...for the first time, I mean...

oh, bless your heart, with the smoking thing. good luck. it's a bitch.

p.s. try to have a dream where Ann Coulter is bald and has to go on Larry King anyway.

Get well soon! You may as well quit smoking while you're already miserable, I guess.