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ann coulter v. reality

Ann Coulter v. reality

I saw Ann Coulter on one of the hundreds of news shows on cable last night. Might have been MSNBC, maybe FOXNews.

She accused Katie Couric of using her "charm and good looks" to spread lies about conservatives.

She babbled on and on about "liberals" who spend all their time bashing the right and slandering the right and spouting lies about the right.

And then she spend a lot of time bashing the left and spouting generalizations and half-truths about the left.

Listen, I am not a total Liberal. I do not ride all the way to the left. Yes, I'm left of center, but I'm not all the way out there with the Chomskys and Michael Moores of this country. Still, I feel disgusted every time I listen to Ann Coulter spit the venom out of her mouth, every time I read one of her columns that act as a mouthpiece for our current administration.

"...real Americans are behind...behind John Ashcroft 100%....behind surveillance of Arabs..."

You know, I was going to list a whole bunch of Ann Coulter quotes here and rebut every one of them. I was going to take her words apart piece by piece. But after reading about 50 of her columns and several interview transcripts and hundreds of quotes from her, I feel sick.

I'm sure this is old news to most of you, but Ann Coulter is whining, sniveling, hate-mongering, racist shrew.

She is another one that thinks she and only she speaks the truth, knows all the answers and can right all the wrongs if just given a chance to close the borders/make everyone Christians/outlaw anything she doesn't believe in. I'm sure if it were up to here we would have mass public gatherings where we all stand in front of our country's leaders - million of us standing shoulder to shoulder - dressed in the colors of our country, giving our absolute leader a special salute as we accept his words and his actions with blind faith and incredible zeal.

Of course, as one of those non-conservative type people, I do respect Ann's right to speak her mind and say her piece and wave her flag of hatred and generalizations at the world. I also respect my own right to refute everything she stands for.

Why am I paying attention to her, you ask? Why don't I close the paper or turn the channel on the tv? Because, unlike Ann Coulter, I like to listen to the other side. I hope to learn things from people with differing viewpoints. I hope to understand where people who sit on the other side of the fence from me are coming from. Unfortunately, Ann Coulter speaks with all the wisdom and fairness of a two year old having a temper tantrum.


The interesting thing to me, other than the humorous way she can completely destroy some of the things i believe in with her acerbic rhetoric is: weren't Republicans originally anti-big government? When did all these conservatives start becoming card-carrying patriots without common sense? i mean, geez, come on, I love this country. I'm not one to spew dissent all the time, but I do see it, acknowledge it, and keep my patriotism to a common-sense level.

I don't get how it's become conservative=robot. I'm no robot, conservative or not. Ugh. Things are just ugly these days.

A/C strikes me as similar to Rush Limbaugh and Eminem. The controversy is really the message. Everything is way over the top so that people will talk about her. I enjoy hearing many views on the same issue, but I prefer the views to have some basis in reality.

The interest in and popularity of this latest book of hers is baffling me. She argues that liberals are biased and don't argue based upon facts, but rather upon emotion. Well, yeah - a lot of liberals do this. But so do a lot of conservatives. It's not a problem that is exclusive to those of us with a liberal view on life and politics. Besides, A. C. herself constantly falls into the trap of being snide and obnoxious versus arguing point for point. Personally, I think she's highly over-rated as an intellect. There's nothing new in her books and in her comments.

You'd think I was about to say something intelligent about pundits and politics, but actually I just came to say that in Opera, the tab your page is on reads, "come experience my dark muf." BAhahahahahahaha.

You found the hidden message!


Okay. I'm a left of the right of center sort of person. (There was a nice big rant about the polarization of lefts and rights and how I tend not to buy into it, because personally I'm very lefty on somethings but very conservative on others. But it digressed hard core from the Ann. So I'll save it up for later.) But here I am. Left of the right of center, loosely claiming to be conservative, but really, this woman's ideals do NOT mesh with mine AT ALL, and it sickens me to think that she's become a sort of self proclaimed standard bearer for the right.

Ann Coulter is, in my opinion, a certifiable nutcake. And yes, one day, I did exactly what Michele did and read through all her lovely little columns and felt...well, sick. This was right after 9/11 and I'd never heard of the woman before, but there she was, advocating the kill or be killed mentality, advocating her idea of going in, taking over the Middle East, and then indoctrinating them all with acceptable Christian ideals so we could soothe the savage beast. It made me want to puke. (And it's because of people like her that I decided I could never toe party line on issues. Screw partisanship! I'm not going to support somebody's crazed vendettas just because I happen to loosely claim the title of conservative.)

RE: the quote that kd posted. To Ann: Yes, liberals can be executed. So can conservatives, bitch. Lock 'n' load.

Howsabout a petition to send Ms Coulter to Singapore, she'll fit in perfectly here.

Ann really goes to such lengths to prove that the liberal media has tried to frame her as strange, or a nutcase, or someone with ideas that don't mesh with reality.

Thing is, most people don't need Katie Couric to tell them these things. In most cases, they can figure it out on their own by skimming over a column or two.

I remember that line from the column kd cited. I thought then, and continue to think, that she not only wasn't around when brains were handed out, she had a bile implant in their place.

You sure you don't want to apologize to the two-year-olds of the world? They have feelings, too. ;)

When she got in her little cat fight with Katie on the Today Show, I blogged about it and Jennifer linked an MSNBC article in my comments that showed the entire interview. While watching it, she actually whined to Katie that she had done several years of columns and two books, and people chose to focus on one quote - negating everything else she'd done. My reply to Todd? "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." 'Nuff said. Works both ways, Ann.

Besides, she invokes the Nazi argument in her bashing way too many times for my liking. Someone needs to 'splain Godwin's Law to her.

It's a great service you're doing, Michele. I just can't look, anymore, myself; you are my right wing news source.

Ewwwww. I see her and I get sick. I read her and I get sick. Every time I even hear her name, I have to resist the urge to run and wash my hands. BTW: ROBYN: Nice comment on the Godwins Law. In a time like this, when most people have already taken a stand, and the country is approaching Civil War type division, does she really think calling liberals "traitors" is going to unite anyone? And what was that all about on Hillary? I like her, she is one of the few politicians that I can look at and truly respect. The sooner she gets shipped off back to her little racist planet, located just left of Eminem's, the better for all of us.

all you ann coulter haters are fucking morons. you sit there and read out of context quotes and mock her. try reading her books. or are your simple left wing brains not capable of reading, just sitting on your ass and watching real time w/ bill "im a druged out moron" mauher. go learn about issues instead of being brainwashed by john stewart and michael moore