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blame canada

Blame canada

Yesterday, as we were getting ready to go shopping, there was a dark, hazy cover to the sky. It looked as if one of those monstrous summer storms was moving in and I flipped to the weather on the car radio to hear the forecast. They said nothing of rain.

Within a few minutes, the haze had deepened and the world seemed covered in an eerie, brownish glow. Then I smelled smoke. Something is burning, I said. Something huge.

Yes, something was burning. It was Canada. Strong winds from 433 miles away had carried the smoke and acrid smell of forest fires all the way here.

On the bright side, the smoke has completely obliterated the sun, and we are no longer baking as if we were inside a giant oven.

But now I'm thinking...isn't there a garbage strike in Montreal? Why not make the most of this disaster and start dumping your garbage in the burning forest? It's like one giant, free incinerator service.


Wow, I just thought it was overcast. I can't believe I found out about it through an American wwebsite...

The garbage strike is in Toronto. And the smell these days is absolutely putrid. Yuck.

It's hazy and icky in Boston today. sigh Really cuts back on my major photo shooting. This is probably a good thing though, I can't afford too much more film!

That article about the fire in Quebec is typical of the problems I have with metric measures. I understand meters, kilometers, and degrees celcius. But, when people start talking about "area", somehow "hectares" and "square kilometers" are just not as familiar to me as acres and square miles.

I hadn't known about the Toronto garbage strike either. I pity my sister who lives there and can't stand the smell of anything unsanitary.

Yeah, why not throw some garbage in it...
You Americans are fucking up the environment anyway...

KYOTO, with or without BUSH!!!!!!!!!

We got the smoke in Buffalo, too. I thought it was fog at first then I remembered the weather forecast and the newspaper I read earlier and put it together.