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requisite about page

to be updated soon.




First of all, I love your name because my middle name is spelled that way. :)

This page is one of the reasons that I love to visit your site (and Raising Hell, by the way)... because you are so funny, and blunt, and the say the greatest things!

There. Enough praise. Thank you, though, for making me laugh, making me think, and being the kind of person who can make a simple web site such a joy to visit.

yeah....but do you like grilled onions?

Yes, but they have to be well done.

Nice tits, huh huh, cool.

that's no fair you putting that picture up. You're going to give me a lumbar injury.

You sure you can't fix my trial for me? Pretty pleeeeze with sugar on top and a cherry....

oh great, so you show us your tits but no explicit shots of your brain - and then you want me to be nice to one of them? Where's the sense in that?

god, i thought that said "you say a bad word around my kids, you die." scared me. i don't stop swearing for anyone.

I had a definite picture of you in my brain before this.

You're not as tall as I thought.

One of my greatest ambitions in life is to get into that circle of people you'd kill for--thus the fawning adoration I heap upon you at every chance. cough*Yankeessuck*cough (Ya never know when you'll need a good hit woman, and my wife's booked up through next June.)

i think i'm in love.



i think i'm in love.



so much so i had to say it twice...pah

these stupid computers.

I don't think.....I KNOW I'm in love!

Michele, will you adopt me? I mean, I may be old enough to almost be you...but you've made up for that by having a much younger husband.

Oh, and can you find me a Justin of my own?

I think we need to have a titty showdown. I'll let you win the brains contest. But, I will go to battle for my boobs.

you are a 40-year old loser.

Awww Goddess, I thought you like us older guys. I'm getting real depressed - I'm almost 3 Justins. sigh

My comic book collection can kick your comic book collection's ass any day.To paraphrase Katy Bates:"I'm older and have more comic books" LOL Be kind to animals as long as they don't prey (pray) five times a day and have a great one.

It's the quality, not the quantity that matters here, Gary.

Rock ON! It's nice to know that some moms in the world "grow up" without a stick up their ass. Seems like you really have a hold on balancing the traditional family values while still keeping that 'cool' adolecent view on life. Anyways, just wondering if you'd like to do a trade link. I'm just a 15 teen, but hey... hope that doesn't matter!

I love a woman with a nice brain. It's the most important quality a woman can have.

Of course, nice tits are a plus. :)

Nice name!! My girlfriend's name is Michele and my sister is a Michelle (and no, they're not the same person) so you're in good company. It's probably a good thing that I ended up over here tonight since the 7th is my sister's birthday and this just reminded me of it. Your site was recommended by Led, who I know from work and Willies and he was my neighbor for a while. I haven't disliked anything online that he's recommended yet. I've spent 4 or 5 hours reading your site today and have enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

It's been a while since I've read your site. Glad to see you're still outrageous.

P.S. Please post pics of your brain in a thong.

Hey, I've been reading your stuff for a couple weeks and felt a need to post saying "hi" so as not to feel like some warped voyeuristic stalker freak. Love the site. Your DVD collection might kick my collection's ass, but only if it did it before my collection sneaked up and poisoned it. >grin

what action figures?

what comics?

expected or odd?

enquiring minds blah blah blah....

Damn, I find the nearly-perfect woman and she's just gone and married a 22 year old.

Oh well, I'm glad to have stumbled into your blog. I'll be checking back regularly.

My CD collection is ready for a fight any time, but it cheats and has my vinyl collection attack from behind with a folding chair.

I've been meeting a lot more people my own age the last couple of years, people completely different from myself. For a while there, I had this crazy idea that I shared something in common with many other 40 year old americans out there (besides growing up on Batman and the same TV commercials for sugared cereal). But then I ran across you - someone that I absolutely cannot relate to at all - and I'm at a loss. I'm smirking to myself trying to imagine what kind of "liberal" you fancied yourself before the pendulum knee-jerked all the way to the other extreme and stayed there. Life is easier when you only have to decide if something is black or white. But for others, the world is made up of many more shades of gray, a place where it's perfectly OK for the enemy of our enemy to automatically become our friend, so long as it helps us achieve our ends.

Will you adopt me? I stumbled across your web page, and from what I see, you seem to be really cool (and I wouldnt mind having you for a parent, unless our opinions were really different, b/c I'm really opinionated, and that might cause me to argue a lot, like I do with all my friends, lol) , and I wouldnt mind being like you when I'm your age(I'm 17), but I just had to say that

I'm so glad I discovered your site. A "warblog" with an intensely personal touch. Love your stuff about American culture in the 70's. It's a subject I can discourse upon endlessly, although I'm seven years your junior. Plus, you're hot.

fascinatin'...... :-)

The sprinklers are on here. I like your page. usually i go 'american politics - SKIP' but you have some bloody interesting things to say.
I wish I was an arrogant fucker. unfortunately, I get walked on. But it's good to see not everyone is like me. BUt I am a good bitch.
Goodluck with the marriage thing. Hope you live happily ever after

Sampling Blogs. Stumbled onto yours; wow. Hope to learn. Dear Sir, love it. Nice kids, btw.

u r 2 kewl for skewl must join my group http://groups.yahoo.com/blogging_community

happy new year.

Great bio, but I think if our CD collections met, yours would have to hide behind the sofa.

eeeww! that's some picture - a big nose, no chin horse face. If I looked like you I wouldn't post my picture. You should get a picture of a pretty girl and post it - at least on your blog you can live the fantasy. Is that why your husband left you - your looks? I guess he got tired of slagging horse meat ;-)

Hey, pretty girl. NEWSFLASH...

Everyone dies. Some content with who they are. Some happy in the arms of someone who appreciates the person that they are, below the cloying makeup and vacuous shop-front. Some horribly, tragically, and before their time.

If you get the chance, check the bumper sticker on the car that runs ya down...it'll say 'sorry, barbie doll, ya missed the point. shame ya didn't miss my bumper'.

Amen, bitch.

Dear Michele,

Here is my dilemma. AOL will not let me communicate via EMAIL to you for the reason is that AOL claims that you have way too many characters in EMAIL address. So below is what I would have EMAILED YOU

I am retired 49 year old pharmaceutical representative and now consultant and writer. The company offered me a deal I could not refuse and I did not. Most recently, I wrote a book, Economic 101 and Other Thoughts. The book is a series of essays on everything from Rock and Roll to economics from a libertarian and conservative point of view. If you are interested in a review copy, I will mail you one. All I ask is that if you like the book, tell your friends about it. The book is available through iUniverse.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Donelson

You ROCK! Thanks!

i guess blog.hotornot.com has some advantages after all...

yummy! another real liberal freedom-loving, anti-radical left, anti-stupid fun person!

oh, and my music collection could kick your cd collections ass any day of the week. bring it on!

You sound like a real cool gal!
I got myself a younger 27 year old wife!

.....of course she's only six months younger.....

I found my way over here from Baseball Primer to peruse your Yankees magazine article. Very nice job btw ! So I get to looking around 'cause I'm basically nosy. Excellent blog , I'm not a regular reader of many but you're on my favorites list now. The varied subjects from music to comics and of course the lunatic fringe ball-kickings do it for me. Thanks Michele.

hey clueless fuck!
Your hooray-for-us rant is pretty stupid from a breeder. When all this world domination crap goes utterly wrong, don't forget to give your kids a big hug before they get shipped out. Wake up asswipe-9/11 HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WAR IN IRAQ.
Read some history books and stop watching Fox "news".

if i was your daughter, i would kill myself while i still had a conscience and soul. how does it feel to lose all your friends and have no friends or readers to your website left than jingoist people with no personalities who only enjoy your company because of your political views?

you're the idiot, idiot.

Support Veterans

It's cool that you are happy with who/what you are. More of us (women, in particular) should be. Unfortunately, blogs tend to attract extreme expositions on extreme positions. I agree with el that 9/11 has nothing to do with attacking Iraq; but, then, the comments to which el was responding were not, I believe, current. In my Utopia, each can hold his/her own opionion, and we can discuss the various opinions rationally. Hang in.


Your warblog page is Great Service. And yes, your bio is tantalizing, but of course you knew that already.


My tits are nicer and who gives a care about your comic books or DVD's. You sound like a woman wannabe. You may be unselfish to your friends if you have any. Grow up and get a life, who said your opinions matter?

You look so dirty in that pic. When you say you have nice tits, what size are we talking about here ? Damn, the things I would do....

One question: what comics do you read? I read Punisher, Ruse, and Agent X.

Heh. You said, "PTA".

That's funny, I work with a Michele (one l) on Long Island, and I'm in the court system as well. She is one mean ass bitch who would bite my ass off if I look at her funny. We get along great. You wouldn't happen to be...nah, couldn't be...impossible....

Perhaps, Naereb. Why don't you ask the Michele you know on Monday? Then we'll find out if it's me.

I asked, got slapped, but then realized you guys have different hair colors. She's got a blonde Italian curly look, which obviously doesn't fit your photo here. Who knows, you might have a sister out there you dont know about. :D By the way i work within the Nassau County courts in case you were curious. We just did a support the troops rally in Bethpage yesterday. Man I couldnt even find a place to park. Much more fun than driving past 5 protestors on the corner with their pants down just to get some attention. :D

MSNBC just reported that they were puzzled that an American military unit wanted to meet Geraldo Rivera and shake his hand after he was kicked out of Iraq for drawing battle plans in the sand on live TV. It seems the troops were a bit disingenuous when they greeted him, though. According to MSNBC, the soldiers had just had their hands "somewhere very dirty." Could some very sly men in the field actually have stinkpalmed (a la the movie, Mallrats) Geraldo Rivera?
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Now, where's Peter Arnett?

Kenneth Ingraham
Orlando, Florida

Amazing how reality can change things. Tell that to Hollywood, or the Peace Protesters (who needs a job when your a spoiled college student who wishes Communism would work) So you Play a right winger on the net, lol. woot woot!

I was cleaning out my bookmarks and stumbled upon your page. You have more balls than most guys. To keep it short, you are not being deleted from my bookmarks, but added to my link list on my own website. (it is a sorry excuse, and that is why I didn't post it. If you feel obliged, do a search, and you will probably find it.)

"14. I have nice tits."

Please show us.

I'm a stay-at-home mom with two autistic daughters living in a small Texas town in the middle of nowhere. Right now, Fox News Channel and you are my only two links with reality. Scary, isn't it?

I think you just (well, just, being last year) wrote the mantra for cool women between 35 and 45 as of this date.

You rock, as does your CD collection.

My name is also Michele. However, I prefer to spell mine with a capital M. Diversity within the Michele population. Isn't it swell?
I am writing to request detailed information about your Vice-Prez candidate, the enigmatic Swerdloff. What can you tell us about who he is, you know, as a person? As a man? As a friend? As a citizen? Does he have integrity or is he an embarrassing scandel waiting to happen? How well do you know this character, anyway?
In the righteous quest for full disclosure, I thank you.

I think youre awesome. I know I shouldnt say that about somebody I dont know and who Ive only know through her weblog but I love your head and your writing!

Yes, please show us your tits!


regarding your comments about Chrissie Hynde---'Oh, where did Ohio go? It was decimated by nuclear warheads that Iraq doesn't have and all your neighbors were killed by the tons of VX nerve gas which they also do not have!! Dumbass'---all I can say is it looks as if you are indeed the 'dumbass', as not one single noteworthy weapon has been found in Iraq that could have been used against the United States or anybody else. Not one.

Don't you realize that you were played for a fool by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and all the other warmongering evil bastards that lied to us all about the threats posed by Iraq? Wake up and realize that the Sept. 11 attacks were committed by Saudi Arabians, not Iraqis. More importantly, if you would just do a little homework you would find that the CIA, FBI, and the Bush Administration knew in advance of Sept. 11 that a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil via airplanes was imminent. And what did these all-powerful government agencies do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And you trust these evil vermin (Bush, Cheney, etc.)?

You need to re-evaluate things, baby. I think you were much more intelligent as an avowed liberal than you currently are as a scared person easily won over by lies, half-truths, and media sensationalism. Don't let the Bush fascists do your thinking for you. Find the truth and spread the word.

Wow! You are hot!

Hi Michele!

Like your weblog. Will have to come back often to read what you have to say.

Didn't like Steven's post. Steven please re-evaluate things yourself. War on Terror continues. Bush is not a Facist. You are a simpelton Steven. We (U.S.A. includes you Steven?) have a lot of work left to do to make the World Safe For Democracy without your silly cynicism.

Sorry to show my teeth on Your Site Michele. Please pardon me. Thanks.

que bien que haya gente como tu (it is good to know that there are people like you in this world)

Good for you - I'm 38 - say next to someone young enough to my kid at a recent KORN concert; collect monsters i.e. Todd McFarlane (especially where the wild things are), am married to someone 9 years my junior chronologically, about 17 years mentally, have crazy kids that I would kill for, and am a cynical liberal who crys at sappy commercials.

Good for you - I'm 38 - satnext to someone young enough to my kid at a recent KORN concert; collect monsters i.e. Todd McFarlane (especially where the wild things are), am married to someone 9 years my junior chronologically, about 17 years mentally, have crazy kids that I would kill for, and am a cynical liberal who crys at sappy commercials.

You're birthday is 8/25? So is mine! That means you rock in my book.

And your proud of your kids no matter what...all too rare today. That rocks too.

Guess I'll drop by your site now and then to see what's up.

Just linked to you from Instapundit first time here will come back with hopes of seeing pictures of you Frontal Lobes...

Hope you Marrage is cool, you kids are safe and your Tits are Warm...

Dont know if you have ever heard of her, but you remind me of the www.misanthropic-bitch.com .
She has been writing non-blog for some time now.

book marked your site, like the Pic and Logo.
See Ya...


I need to start reading your blog again.


Stumbled across your blog (I'm new to this sort of thing). Was drawn in by your 'Let's play a game with the moonbats?'' and 'misanthrope' posts.

Later on I came back and looked for the begining of the posts (greymatter) then discovered your 'requisite about page'

This lead me back to the sept/oct 2001 days (knew someone who didn't take it sitting down on flight 93) wow, the memories.

but back to 'about' -

glad to know a little more about you.

When I hear rants and raves about our troops in Iraq, and the replies about them defending the right of expression in the USA (go figure what Iraq has to do with our first admendment rights?), I wonder where all this expression is after clicking the off button late at night to the various cable news network channels.

Perhaps I was looking in the wrong place - you are now bookmarked! Rock on!

- I'm the father of three boys, and a husband to a woman I married for life (boy, did I get what I had comming to me!!!). The oldest is now 'of age' and the youngest is a freshman in high school.

You've got some interesting years ahead of you - I'll stay tuned.


13. I used to be a liberal but got my ass kicked into the real world and out of my utopian dreams by the events of September 11. I'm not a right-winger but I play one on the internet.

So you let 19 men from the middle east decide your political stance for you? Congratulations, freethinker.

Just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to all of us "Strong Liberated Leo's Lionesses" who most people dont know when to shut up and bow down to. Michele, keep on rockin your own world, because everybody else will keep trying to rock it for you. THANKX FOR NOT BEING AFRAID TO LET THE WORLD HEAR YOUR ROAR.

PS - I think the pic of you in your bio......accurately reflects what I thought you would be. A strong, beautiful and directed woman. F$&K the Barbie Glam-Queen wanna be posts.......Its obvious they haven't arrived at a clue....Rock on my sista from another mista.

PSS - Iam also a child trapped in an adults body....even though I am 30 and my gf is 41. Your husband is very lucky ;}

Didn't realize you were 'the' Michelle scolded at several different blogs on my meanderings this AM...

Perhaps you'd enjoy the view at Voluptuous Kate's place...

Don't comment on how weird THIS is...


Good on ya, Lass! You're a site for soar ayes!

What happened to your picture. Too bad. I log on frequently just to catch a glimpse. ;}

Please come here to Europe and kick some dame's asses for me ;-) They deserve it badly ;-)

best wishes from a rogue nation

Hi Michele, I'm new to your site and I like it. Please stop by mine if you're able, it's not as nice as your's but it'll do.

Dear Michelle,

Be glad they're both not teens at the same time. I love the fact you are into action figures;are you a Dragon fan or other types? The Iraqi Freedom series looks damn good so far.

Great tits and a brain? Nirvana.


Hey I really like your site.