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the horror!

The horror!

On the basis of glowing recommendations from several blog-type people (most notably Gordon), we bought Wicker Man on DVD today. Special Edition.

My review: The last ten minutes did not suck as much ass as the rest of the movie.

I thank fate that one of the discs was cracked and we were able to return it.

Too bad Best Buy didn't have Dead Alive or Cemetery Man. I was in the mood for a GOOD movie tonight, not The Equalizer guy overacting.

Unexpected endings of horror movies are always satisfying when you are unable to garner any sympathy whatsover for the protagonist. I found myself cheering, but I think it was because the credits were finally rolling.

Some day, when I rule the world, I am going to make a movie where everyone dies, no one gets the girl, the bad guys win, the town is not saved from the meteor and the aliens eat all the kitties.


Alllllright! Now that would be my kind of movie - I'd even pay to see it :-) I hate predictable endings and it's been a long time since I saw one that fit that category.

How about The Third Man with Orson Welles, circa 1948?

It doesn't have as quite of a depressing ending as you described, but it's not a happy film.

I love 'The Third Man'. Even the music.

In your last paragraph, you're describing 'Gone with the Wind': almost everyone dies, no one gets the girl, the north wins, Atlanta is flattened, and aliens eat all the kittens (you have to look quickly for that).