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kiss and tell

Kiss and tell

Once again, I am toying with making an about page. Once again, I have no idea what to put there. So, I will follow suit of many bloggers and let you decide what to put there.

Ask me a question. Any question. I will answer them all and use them to make the requisite about page that I get yelled at for not having.

Use the comments to ask whatever your inquiring mind wants to know. No subject considered too offensive or out of line. I am shameless.

But umm..just make sure it would have some redeeming quality on a page that is used by people who want to know something about me, which lets out the "will you give me a blowjob" type questions.


Ice: crushed or cubed?

Favorite and least favorite movie/band.

Geez, I'd keep it down to a couple sentences if I were you: Don't cut yourself on Michele's wit because, in fact, it is easy to do. She may be bitter but dammit, she is funnier than almost anyone you're likely to meet. Smart, too. She lives on Long Island with her family.

This is not to say I wouldn't mind knowing: the person you respect most, your favorite first line of a book, the place you'd most like to live if you could live anywhere, whether you'd visit the space hotel if it ever gets built, and whether you think birds are creepy or not (they have no arms!).

Boxers or briefs?

Would you kill Hitler if you had a gun and a time machine?

What is the best present someone can give you?

If you could invite 12 people from any time and place to a dinner party, who would they be? why would you choose each of them?

who has the best website with the word 'cooties' in the name?

A train leaves Station A at 40 miles an hour. Twenty minutes later, another train leaves Station B at 80 miles an hour. Which one has the luggage I lost at Station C?

Okay, just to clarify... can I give you a blowjob?

i vote for a "100 Things About Michele" page.

favourite clocktower/automatic weapon.

meatballs or meat sauce?

Do you laugh at people when they trip? If so, that's not very nice.
If you could change the ending of any movie, what would it be and why?

Favorite country song?

Have any unhealing wounds or scars?

What's your secret?
You gonna finish that?
Was that you or the dog?
Do I have to answer that?
Vertical or horizontal?
Do I have to tell you twice?

how do you feel about the song "Michele, Ma Belle"?

...and can i sing it to you?
could i tape myself singing to you, accompanied by Casio?
would you play it at your wedding if i sent it to you?

What type of work do you do? How long have you been writing this site? Where were you born and where have you lived? What are your hobbies?

I know that they are boring questions that don't lend themselves to snappy or humorous answers, but I think an 'About' page that is full of jokes doesn't really tell anything about the author. I can already tell that you have a sense of humor from your writings. I'd like to know more about the person that lives here.

What is the best game you have ever played?
Please relate one of your craziest partying moments.

Is there anything worse than the feeling of your flesh against a hot vinyl car seat?

If so, then what?

Posting it in the right place this time...

If you could live on any planet, other than this one, which one would it be?

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