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saturday photo essay: heat stroke

Saturday photo essay: heat stroke

Heat does not know of holidays. The sun beat down and the banners hung still and limp, waiting for some kind of breeze. The stars and stripes adorned the yard in an attempt to give a festive air to a day where we all just wanted to sit under an umbrella and sleep. Even the flag was thirsty for a cool drink.

We waited for the temperature to slide downwards, or for the promised sprinkling of rain the weatherman teased us with.

While the older people sat around and complained, the younger ones showed us how to have a ball, even in sweltering heat. They were told to go cool off and they gave it a whirl, and created a wave of cool, refreshing fun.

Some of the guests made a little heat of their own, and some chose to kick out the jams, and of course there were those that decided to embrace the crabiness that pervaded the day.

Getting soaked seemed to be the course of the day, even if you had to take matters into your own hands.

By late afternoon most of us just wanted to sprout wings and fly to a cooler place.

The heat-induced bad mood almost pulled the party under, but thankfully we were able to keep our heads above water until the sun mercifully took leave, turning the oven that was this holiday off.


that's our DJ - embrace the inner asshole! My mum takes two photos of each person,situation etc at every family do, and I am teaching her not to by politely posing for the first then giving ehr the royal finger for the second. One day she will learn

Another great photo essay! Makes me wish I could have been there splashing right along side those kids. :)