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anyone have happy pills?

Anyone have happy pills?

Just seen on CNN: two women from opposing sides speaking about this case, in which local law enforcement is seeking records from Planned Parenthood to try to find out who dumped a baby in a dumpster.

The interviewer, Leon Harris, asks why Planned Parenthood isn't giving up their medical records to show all the women who came in for pregancy tests. The woman from Planned Parenthood cites medical privacy, the fact that local hospitals aren't being asked for their records of the same, and also that nobody knows if this woman even used Planned Parenthood.

The other woman (whose name was Wendy but I missed where she is from) goes on to state that the reason Planned Parenthood isn't giving up their records is because they are covering up illegal activities and the records will prove that they are engaging in child abuse. Showing the records will blow their cover.

The interviewer, thankfully, told Wendy her statement was ridiculous.

I don't know why it still surprises me that people like Wendy exist, but it does.

And while I'm on the subject of ridiculous people and things, the Nathan's hot dog eating contest disgusts me. Gluttony and a huge waste of food. Is there nothing Americans won't do to claim thier fifteen minutes? Give those hot dogs to some starving kids, ok?

I'm obviously not in a good mood today. The day will only get better when at 1:00 Natalie has ten friends - that's ten twelve-year old girls - over for what she calls a small swimming party, but which is costing me a small fortune in pizza, chips and soda. Not to mention my sanity.

If you don't hear from me by tomorrow, check the local psych wards.


The heat wave has broken up North, you can come up and hide in my closet.

I'm upset that the judge even asked PP for their records, especially without any evidence that the purported mother of this baby even sought their help. I'm even more leary of the suggestion that they'll use these lists to figure out who the mother is. Many of the women who had a miscarriage or abortion aren't going to want to discuss it in the first place--and such reticence may make the police suspicious or be viewed as criminal obstruction. And they all have the right to privacy. Finally, one of the reasons women go to PP to seek out medical advice and care is because PP guarantees their privacy.

(Sorry if I'm repeating a lot of things that I already said on Nancy's board, but man, this really chaps my hide.)

these parties are the things that will be long remembered and very appreciated in her later years :)

i remember the ones we convinved my mom that we just HAD to have very fondly... :)

you rock, mom.

not only would canvassing women who'd had positive pregnancy tests at planned parenthood be horrendously intrusive and and difficult for all those women, it's my feeling that such records are highly prized by right-to-lifers, and the more hands they pass through, the more likely someone is to 'leak' them to an anti-abortion group. those people have habits of publishing things like this on the internet.

with no evidence that the mom actually went to PP, forcing them to turn over their records like that is absolutely inappropriate.

good luck with the party!

Child. Abuse.

People bring their kids to PP and the staff beats them?

I know. Let's cross-reference the protesters out front and their family/church members' PP abortion records and publish that,

I think it's outrageous that this is even being considered ... and I like the way Nancy thinks. ;)

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