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At some point today or tomorrow (most likely tomorrow), I will break 100,000 unique visitors to this site. That's since October, when I started using Extreme Tracking. (Although my dreamhost stats say I surpassed 100k ages ago, I'll just go with the stats that are easier to decipher)

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by, read my words, commented, shared stories with me, sent me hate mail, responded with kind words, opened their hearts and minds to me, linked me, became my friend, became my enemy or took my words here to heart and helped me through whatever was ailing me at the moment.

However, I would not like to thank the people who stopped by here looking for Janet Reno sex with donkeys, how to set yourself on fire, pokemon porn or girls with small tits.

Thanks for visiting. You are all like a dysfunctional, deranged family to me.


dude, you forgot a zero.

Dude, thank you. Fixed it.

This is what I mean by people helping me through a crisis.

but see I cam here looking for ways to set janet reno on fire with small titted donkeys.. does that still make me your friend?

wow... 100k... and i just hit 5k yesterday... at this rate, i'll be long dead and ashes in the wind by the time i hit 100k...

congrats michele

Glad to be a part of that family.

Lovin every minute of you, even if I did get here via Janet Reno's support group for Pokemon sex with girls who start themselves on fire because they have small tits.

congratulations, this is quite a milestone. here's to the next 100k!

Hey it was my search for "Lemur+Testicles" that brought me here. Glad I stayed.

Hats off on the milestone! Or is that tubetops down... No seriously, congrats!

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