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jigglin' jugs

Jigglin' jugs

For Miguel, reasons I don't like tube tops:

1. They are often worn by people who really need to look in a mirror before they leave the house.

2. 11 years old, wearing tube top, neighborhood boys run up behind me and pull top down, revealing the fact that I am even flatter than imagined.

3. 12 years old, tube tops are still all the rage. New sport for boys: running with scissors. Yes, the boys carried scissors or pocket knives on them, grabbed girls in tube tops and cut the back of the tops straight up so you had to run home with your arms across your chest, crying all the way.

4. Wearing an article of clothing that has to be constantly adjusted, moved or straightened out is just not worth the time. If you have to spend your day checking to see whether your nipples are showing, that's a sign to wear something else. That's like wearing a too small thong and picking your ass in public all day.

Perhaps a halter top would still give you the casual slut look you are going for, without the need to jiggle your jugs every time you take a step. Then again, the boys used to untie our halter tops, too.

Happy, Mig?


Boys are so gross.

Boys are so gro--- damn, someone beat me to it.

well i never etc etc. tube top, eh, depends on the tube etc etc. for every boy running with scissors there were probably a dozen nice ones etc etc. you know what, someone should do a tube top project. it could be organized by color, corresponding to threat level.

My tube tops always fell down. And they itched.

Wearing a suit can also itch. Especially on a hot day. Especially if there's a large spider in it.

who ever thought of the tube top was a deranged sadistic person. ick!

I was a teenage boy during the original tubetop phenom. They were sheer torture for us to. There's a reason science text books are hardcover and roughly the size of a TV tray - they hide boners wonderfully.