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imminent danger fashion

A small victory presents:

Imminent Danger Fashion: your source for color-coordinated protective gear.

Today's terror alert is yellow. In case you want to dress accordingly, we have found the perfect accessories for the discriminating American.

This yellow chemical mask will not only protect you from deadly airborne diseases, but it coordinates nicely with todays imminent danger warning!

There is also this great yellow camaflouge suit, perfect for your terror-coded Fourth of July ensemble!

If you like your gas mask and suit in coordinated outfit, try this yellow chemical protection suit!

Don't even think about protecting yourself without weapons to match your outfit! This lovely yellow gun might not scare away terrorists, but you'll sure look fashionable when waving it in someone's face!

And don't be caught dead without these boots, the perfect completion to stunning protective gear.

Don't be a terror fashion victim! Check the Ridge chart every day to make sure you are wearing the right color when all hell breaks loose. Don't get caught wearing blue when the chart says yellow!

In the next issue of Imminent Danger Fashion: High Alert: What if you don't look good in orange?


i took a human development psychology class in college, and my professor told us that girls are trained to purple-reds (lipstick) and boys are trained to orange-reds (firetrucks). boys are therein involuntarily drawn to the color orange. so all girls look good in orange!

not that i'm encouraging imminent danger...

beautiful. :)