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pity party

Pity party

A terrible migraine has left me incapacitated for most of the day. After taking 67 Excedrin Migraines and Claritin and a dose of Zyrtec, I awoke from a nightmare filled slumber at 7:00. That's p.m.

I woke with the realization that I would not make it the shindig that Choire and Baz are throwing tonight. Not only am I missing some gay pride action, but I have blown my chance to meet Nancy and The Blonde and to slip Jonno some tongue. I hate myself right now. Well, I hate that I'm prone to migraines in the summer.

I've been on the couch for the last two hours watching UHF and Princess Diaries. Yes, Princess Diaries. You know what? It wasn't half bad as far as teen movies go. It's not like I watched an Olsen twins movie. And UHF still rocks my socks after all these years.

Now it's 10pm, I'm wide awake and once again some little monsters have crawled inside my head and started banging their pots and pans on my skull. I'm hot, I'm sweaty and there are no clean towels so I can't take a shower for another hour. I'm out of cigarettes. I haven't eaten all day. I'm missing one hell of a party.

Welcome to my own pity party. Anyone else need some virtual pity? Get in line.


UHF rules.

hope you feel better. :-)

so far this year i've had off-and-on hives, stress-triggered asthma, a chronic eye-twitch, and now shingles. i've developed chronic heartburn.

i'm waiting on the migraines, i figure they're next.

I rather liked the Princess Diaries, albeit in a rather nostalgic way, as it was like all my old day dreams in elementary school and junior high come to life.

And Laurence is right! UHF rules....

Feverfew gelcaps.
NOT tincture - is bad for the gums, you only want it in your tummy.
900mg as soon as you feel it coming, then ever 6hr for the next three days and you will be righter even than rain. Taken every day, they're fucking happy pills. I just never remember til the pretty lights start tingling and the sounds jangling and the skin feels like mouldering and my hair screams.

But yeah. Feverfew.

I love UHF. Just bought it on DVD a few weeks ago. And I'll join in that pity party...

May your migraine evaporate and may you never be so sorely afflicted again! :-)

i love my maxalt. i hate my migraines.
here's hoping you can sleep through the worst of it...

Rather coincidental, I started getting my migraine about two hours ago. Thankfully my headaches aren't terrible, I just hate the blindness that I periodically get.

I managed to reduce my migraines through dieatry measures - cheese and coffee were the biggest offenders, sadly also chocolate.

We have to get UHF on DVD...note to self...