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the powers of neon

Saturday photo essay: the powers of neon*

Yesterday was bathed in a million different lights, neon and candlelight and sunlight. We started a revolution, a dance, dance revolution, and soon everyone was shaking their groove thang.

It was a day to eat, drink and play and play we did under a blue haze, shocking everyone around us with our amazing superpower abilities to glow in the dark. Our weapon of choice? We could pulverize our nemesis with neon.

You didn't know we are a family of superheroes, did you? And good thing we are, because when the green lantern showed up, we were able to use the force to summon spidey to the rescue.

Once our enemy was defeated, we faced another as the naked women from the red light district tried to take over our blue bowling league.

Finally, we headed outdoors again, in search of sunlight and colors that were not tinged by flourescent lighting. So that's what purple looks like in the light? We had almost ruined our eyesight after 5 hours in a neon-drenched setting.

Exhausted, we decided to take naps when we got home. Even bowling superheroes need their rest. As a wise old owl once told me, burning the candle at both ends will only make it melt faster.

*pictures 3,5,6,8 and 9 were (obviously) photshopped


Love it. :)

Great photos, especially that cool looking flower.

Great photos. I especially like the "dance, dance revolution" one. :-)

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