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i wanna be sedated

i wanna be sedated

Bush to give power to Cheney while he undergoes colonoscopy.

I'm not even going there. I'm sure you can come up with enough jokes on your own.

Best one liner regarding this story receives some kind of prize from me. Use the comments.

Kids are gone. Vacation from hell is winding down. I'm going to get piss drunk and write all my senators tonight.


He'll take it back if the operation succeeds in finding his brain.

What if Cheney has another heart attack tomorrow?

More to the point, sedation for colonoscopy includes an amnesiac, which USUALLY wears off in 24 hours--but the amount of time it linger can vary. Would that be an advantage or a disadvantage?

"What if Cheney has another heart attack tomorrow?"

Then Colon Powell would be in power. So this would simply be a colon swap.

Did I just type that?

we're in deep sh*t now!

Well, I think it's fairly obvious what's going on . . .

You know how puppets basically have some guy shoved part way up their ass who enables them to talk, move, and generally appear somewhat real?

Well, in order to perform the colonoscopy, they will clearly have to extract Dick from Bush's ass. (I assure you, that is not nearly as sexy as it sounds.)

While he's out, they have to give him something to do.

Think about it . . . Cheney keeps going into hiding. Now we know where.

think about what would happen if something goes wrong and bush gets killed. has an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. maybe cheney finally loses it from all that time in the bunkers and botches the procedure.

think about that.

i think that would be the most bloody fucking ironic thing in the universe.

and i would go outside and laugh until i fell over and passed out, because i would realize that indeed, the universe does has a sense of humour. a sick, demented four year old's sense of it, but a sense none the less.

gives new meaning to "getting caught with your pants around your ankles," eh?

Is it wrong to pray for that election-year-zero curse to hold water? I guess I'm already goin' to hell anyway...

The "zero curse" probably got cancelled when Reagan survived the assassination attempt. (And, it didn't start till 1840 and William Henry Harrison talked too long at his inauguration.)

i'm thinking cheney will refuse to give power back to Bush when it's over. "Hah! No! You can't have your office back! It's mine! And you have to do what I say because I'm PRESIDENT, dammit!"

Now George, says Laura, I told you not to g o sitting on them oil rigs.

I have mental images of Cheney wielding a pen in both hands in the Oval Office, raising his face to the ceiling and yelling out "I have the power!!!" just like He-Man.

Keith, I had written a post JUST LIKE THAT! It had skeletor and everything. A stupid mistake on my part (X means close window, dummy) lost the whole thing. Would have been funny.

What should we be more concerned with: The shit in Bush's ass or the shit coming out of Cheney's mouth?

One month later, President Bush was found naked, in a field with some mutilated cows.

"The last thing I remember is hearing the words 'You're my bitch now.'"

Dick I told you Ossama wasn't hiding up there.

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