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which god?

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Which god?

While thinking about atheism and one nation under God and all the ways in which religious zealots wish to make everything about God, specifically their God, whichever that may be, I was reminded of one of my heroes, Ethan Allen. The revolutionary war guy, not the furniture guy.

. He stopped his wedding ceremony when asked if he would pledge "to live with Fanny Buchanan agreeable to the laws of God." He wanted to know which god and whose god the marriage was supposed to please, stalling the proceedings until it was specified to be Nature's god and no other.

Allen's The Oracle of Reason


'which god' is one of my favorite questions. it makes such lovely expressions appear on the faces of the devout, when they're trying to bless me or convert me or tell me something is his will.

how could any thinking person conclude that they'd found the one true god, when so many have been worshipped over the ages by so many different peoples? the arrogance of it.

ok, that was a little harsh. sigh it would be nice to be able to edit things posted in haste sometimes.

I agree, "which god" is a great question. It cause more thought than "what god," since preachy people are usually prepared with an answer to that one.

Great blog, by the way. My first time here, but I'll be back.

That wasn't harsh KD it was truth. Wrapping truth in a sugary coating to make it go down easier only succeeds in obfuscating it for many.

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