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sun sick

Sun sick

The humidity is choking the life out of me. The heat has settled in like it's never leaving. I look at a plane in the sky and wish a giant would use it as a spear to poke holes in the clouds and let cool, sweet rain pour down on us. I would dance in the puddles and shout back at the thunder, if only it would rain during the day instead of evening.

I am hibernating in my house, air conditioners blasting. Damn the elecricity bill, coolness ahead. Everyone is sunburned, sun-weary, sun-sick and lethargic. We do jigsaw puzzles and eat six pounds of grapes and play Spiderman on the PS2. We watch NickToons (gotta love digital cable) and lament that I have taken my vacation during the most miserable weather of the month.

I have done the following while avoiding the oppression outdoors:

*Added a message board down on the far right side of the site. Don't know why, just looked like fun.
*Put my unweidy blog list on a separate page.
*made two more cds of tunes that will make me reminisce and write blog entries about the days of my misspent youth.
*fended off emails calling me a heathen, satan worshiper, godless pussy and accusing me of being fascist and/or communist.
*Listened to Slayer and read The Communist Manifesto

It's only 9am. 9 more hours to kill until we head for dinner at the beach. Of course, it will probably rain down shards of lightning and stones of hail as we are set to leave. Maybe there is a god, and he just doesn't want me to have any fun.


I wonder what it means to be called a full-of-god pussy?

You need to move to Northern California. It's like the middle of winter.

you didn't bite the heads off any bunnies?

Here's the church for your non-heathen, non-satan-worshipping, non-godless pussy critics!

Slayer and The Communist Manifesto? You're my hero.