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holy fucking shit and amen

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Holy fucking shit and amen

Responding to a few comments and several emails regarding the God Bless America day post:

First, this isn't about whether or not I believe in God. Regardless of my beliefs or faith, the real issue here is about asking the entire country to take part in something that is based on a religion.

Yes, Easter and Christmas are Catholic holidays. But they are based on religious occurrences. There is no legislation in progress to make those observances one with "America" in their name. It is not "Celebrate Jesus's Birthday, America!" To take something that affected every American, and millions of people in other countries and turn it into a religious observance is wrong.

What happened in New York and Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. had nothing to do with God. The acts did not affect only people who pray or observe a religion. Therefore, it is ludicrious to want to memorialize the people who died and the horror we faced with a day set aside for prayer to a certain god.

Memorializing the day with a legal holiday is not necessary, anyhow. Like many people in the comments stated, it's not like we will forget. As each September 11th rolls around, we will all stop and remember the day and the people in our own way. I don't need a document or a nickname to remind me to do so.

Yes, the website could be a hoax, as pointed out on this Metafilter thread. Or it could be the work of just two or three people. Either way, the whole "God Bless America" thing that has been hanging over us since last September makes me break out in hives.

Lastly, I do not need to be saved. I am not a bad person because I do not accept Jesus Christ as my savior. I am not faithless or without any kind of beliefs. I do not want my soul healed, there is nothing wrong with it. I do not want you to send me pamphlets. I am not an empty vessel. I am not evil. And mostly, I do not want to limit, deny or take away your right to pray. Conversely, I want to keep my right to not pray and not be taken to task for it.

Meanwhile, people who have a hard time separating church and state should get their panties in a bunch over this. I always wanted to change the pledge to something more realistic:

One nation, under no deity, with liberty and justice for those white-middle-to-upper-class men who can afford it.

Now, let's kick off Holy Fucking Shit Day. Choire has already bought the domain name. I think we should all recognize the day by locking ourselves in the house with shotguns, canned goods and bottled water. Then we can play a fun game where we watch CNN all night and take a shot for every time Rumsfeld, Ashcroft or Cheney says the word "imminent." We'll all be so drunk we'll forget what date it is anyhow.


I like your holiday much better.

I, personally, was glad to see that they finally noticed the pledge is unconstitutional. I cannot understand why everything has to have religious significance tacked onto it. When I was in school, I always refused to say it.

Wheee! Can't wait to see what will go up at holyfuckingshitday.com.

how can they even reference any "god" with respect to september eleventh? if there's a god, he looked away that day.

i have always hated this myself and i'm so excited by this. i live in fla (a hole in the strap of the bible belt) and let me tell you, this is not making people happy. unfucking believeable. you'd think they would welcome religious freedom. i'm all for hol fucking shit day. can't wait to see it.

I'm just about getting used to the "under god" thing they stuck in the pledge of allegiance and now it will be out. (I graduated from high school before it was added.) And, back when I was in kindergarten adn first grade, we started with the right hand ofver the heart, and then stuck it out, palm up, toward the flag at "to the flag . . ." That got canned pretty quickly after someone noticed that it looked an awful lot like "Heil Hitler"

It's not what you say that shows care and love of country, it's how you act. My current pet hypocrisy is the big gas-guzzling behemoths, usually with just one person in each one, with flags flapping from the windows. Yeah--let's keep on being dependent on the mid-East for fuel. Conserve? hell no! we're Americans and the most powerful country of all!

You are all gonna burn in hell, you know. Really, I read it somewhere or other, and they seemed pretty serious about it.

As a shameless plug, I took a few minutes to write up my own reaction to the pledge ruling. Click my name if you are curious. Just don't leave mean comments. I get my feelings hurt so easily.

I'd write my Congressman to make this a national holiday, but I live in a Religious Republican District.

Help me, someone, please.

Shit, I do that every day as it is. I figure it's me that ought to get institutionalized, not the behavior.

What kind of tree would would we hang the holyfuckingshit day ornaments on? I guess a bigfuckingpine would work.

These "GodBlessAmericaDay" people are seriously in need of a life...much like the athiests who sued about The Pledge. Geez, you'd think we'd have bigger things to worry about than either of these "issues".

Go, Michele! I love your ability to get straight to the point, always having your thoughts backed-up by facts.

"...with liberty and justice for those white-middle-to-upper-class men who can afford it" - now THAT's what it is all about and comes down to. Unfortunately most people are too ignorant to see it. One word: lemmings.

I always liked to say, "for liberty and justice for me and my friends. So there."

Count me in on holyfuckingshit day.

Do we get to drink cocktails and eat tasty ethnic appetizers of our choice and smoke cigarettes in observance of the day?

don't forget to wear orange on HFS Day, or whatever the fuck color is the one indicating "imminent danger"... damn, where's that color chart again?

I really like the idea of “holyfuckingshit” day, but you know it will only stoke the religious right.
It gives them the chance to look superior, whilst saying we’re being flippant.

Lets not have a name, lets not have a holiday, lets just have three minutes of silence at 9.00am local time New York (or there about) on the 11th of September and remember all those that have died before, during and since, in name of terrorism.

I was baptised and brought up a Roman Catholic, but no longer believe there is a GOD. My choice, my honest belief. The one thing I do know is that the “God Bless America Day” is both patronising and offensive in equal measures for all the reasons Michele has eloquently stated.
“God Bless America Day” is the same as an ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand.
“If we pray hard enough, maybe God will take the nasty terrorists away.”

The USA has got to position itself not only as a Superpower, but as THE world leader. One that the rest of the world can say they are firm but fair. All the West (USA and Europe) should spread the wealth to some of the poorer countries. It worked with USA aid to Japan and Germany after WWII. They were decimated but now are stable democracies. Quite frankly, that’s not going to happen with George W in office. But that is what’s needed.

Of course, look for the guilty and punish them, but stop other people being drawn into terrorism with proper aid to Afghanistan et all. Choking off their terrorism kindergarten, by being compassionate and generous (even Christians believe in compassion and forgiving your neighbour).

Just a thought.

Never should September 11th turn into just another day off work and an afternoon filled with BBQs and beer, which is what will happen somewhere down the line. More people celebrate the memory of Samuel Adams on Memorial Day than they do those who fought to protect the freedoms we enjoy today. That's what 'God Bless America Day', or whatever else people want to call it, will turn into.

I'm sorry Mikey, but I simply refuse to wear orange -- even if it IS for holy fucking shit day.

Besides....wearing orange would confuse people from Northern Ireland. (I've been told that on Saint Patrick's Day you wear green if you're Catholic and Orange if you're Protestant. Or is it the other way round?)

Holy fucking shit! What a great idea :-) to hell with the religious right let's upset them plenty - in addition to holyfuckingshit day let's have a goddess bless us day - that really pisses them off :-)

Why don't you just fuck yourself and leave your stupid opinion to the dogs. Just goes to show what a moron you are shithead! or better yet fucking shit head! asshole!!!!

Get a grip! Nobody is shoving religion down your neck you fool. My wish is that you experience 5 minutes under the Taliban - then you'll know what it's really like without church/state separation.

"Memorializing the day with a legal holiday is not necessary, "

Jeez thanks a lot you joyless bitch -some of us would like an extra day off work!

I love you! you are my heroe! I want you to save me! I dont believe in God, I believe in you. you make me horny.

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