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death dream

Death dream

Three nights ago I had a dream that Justin went for a walk in the middle of the night. When he stopped in front of the deli to light a cigarette, a car hit him, throwing him off to the side of the road and killing him. The car took off and the deli owner came out later to find Justin's lifeless body laying by the curb.

I woke up with feeling that the dream was frighteningly real.

Very early Thursday morning, in my town (but not at the location in my dream), a 54 year old man went for a walk. He was hit by a car and killed. The driver took off, leaving the man's body lying at the curb. In front of a deli. The owner of the deli (the article says neighbor but it was actually the deli owner) found the man's body when he went to open his store in the morning.

Did I make this happen or did I know it was going to happen?

Either answer is NO, I know that. But still, it's left me feeling a bit weird.


How strange. That would make me feel pretty weird, too.

Oh! I have dreams that come true also, sometimes it's something about me or my family, or about someone strange to me. Still, it's such an unsettling feeling when it happens, for days after, I feel very down.

I hate this when it happens to me. The scariest one I had was when I dreamt I was in a parking garage and the building above fell on me and my family - except I wasn't married or had kids. A week later a (relatively) nearby earthquake flattened a bunch of downtown buildings in the city where it hit.


I don't know what your opinion on soul-traveling is, but that was the first thought that came to my mind. So I think it could very well be that you saw it happening, were there. Somehow. Or call me crazy :)

I can't believe how many people just take off after they hit someone though. I hope they'll get theirs, sooner or later.

Coincidences like that are really, really scary. But it's important to remember that it was just that: A coincidence. If it helps, think of all the millions of people that die every day that we don't dream of.

But yeah, hit-and-runs are so f'ed up. A guy on a motorcycle pulled out in front of me one night and I just barely tapped him with my car, but still, I jumped out of the car and started yelling and crying like a nut.

He was going to sue me, but he was stepping out on his wife at the time and didn't want her to know. Anyhoo . . .

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