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michele is......

Michele is....

Fredo pointed out a fun new google game. Type in your name with the word is after it (you have to use quotation marks around the search or google will ignore the word is). So I put in "michele is" and came up with these gems:

Michele is a men's 1770 dress coat
Michele is available to come
Michele, is a professional stage hypnotist
Michele is ready to recharge your batteries
Michele is overpowered and tied to a fence by a group of men
Michele is back on the streets
Michele is everything I have ever wanted in a heterosexual woman
Michele is better than all the cups of coffee in the world and far more lasting
Michele is 28 going on Yoda
Michele is a Swedish cultural institution
Michele is quite clearly in the age of mastery
Michele is climate controlled
Michele is in fact a woman - and a damn fine looking one at that
Michele is touched daily

A silly way to kill a few minutes. So what are you?


Jima is gourd-shaped in plan
jima is a stratovolcano in southern Japan
Jima is just under five miles long and two and a half miles wide at its widest point
JIMA is a trademark of Japan Internet Medical Association.

and finally,

Jima is special

That was me what just posted that. For some reason, I forgot to fill in me name.

I tried the game. Bottom line:

Jack is... too common a search term!

miss b is competent to make desicions about her own medical care.
miss b is getting bookish.
miss b is a practitionaer of native american ear candling.
miss b is the girl for you.
miss b is a very big influence on me (that's good i think).
miss b is just a southern belle.
miss b is hot as hell...yeah she's skinny but who cares?
miss b is but one demon seed in the new garden
called completely useless pop culture.
miss b is down there at the bottom of miguel's list.
miss b is willing to learn more about computer
and internet.
miss b is a devotee of the "nanny, nanny boo-boo".
miss b is one very uncooperative model.
miss b is just that kind of screamer.
miss b is available for a minimum booking of 2 hours in the east midlands and for overnight bookings in london.
miss b is aiming this song at those people who have criticised her throughout her career.
miss b is one of the most gifted authors of erotica i've ever read.
miss b is confused at this time.
miss b is a bossy woman.
miss b is such a harpy.
miss b is mr. green.
miss b is an 80-year-old white woman who is widowed, living with her sister.
miss b is right.
miss b is retiring.

[miss b can't stop adding to the "miss b is" list.]

ear candling?

John's a little common, too, so I went with "Bud," my family nickname:

Bud is a mannequin. He has been traveling all over the world since 1983.
Bud is a WWII Triple Ace who flew the P-51 Mustang.
Bud is disappointed to learn that Calloway is not his father but his grandfather.
Bud is not wiser in Germany.
Bud is a great value in snowshoes without losing performance.
Bud is only a symptom, not the whole problem.
Bud is not only the author of "Wealth Within Reach", but is also a real entrepreneur.
Bud is one of the industry's top experts in software design and object-oriented programming.
Bud is kicked off the team and shamed.
Bud is a noisy, psychologically unstable pitbull whose leash and excitable nature allows him the king's share of the porch.
Bud is basically in charge of keeping some type of sanity around the 10th House Designs office.
Bud is a tiny little bundle of energy, a devil with an angel's face, and a troublemaker, but he is the the light of our life!

This is so cute. I'm going to link you out of my list.

Anathea is an ingenious combination of traditional-sounding* lyrics and melody.

Anathea is a kind of cousin to In the Hills of Shiloh in its family resemblance.

Anathea is following.

Anathea is back from her trip.

[Now I wonder what] Anathea is up to?

I love that I'm an ingenious combination of...lyrics and melody. :) How fantastic. :)

  • Elizabeth is a city big on surprises and has an unbeatable mix of holiday sensations.
  • Elizabeth is the author of eight books.
  • Elizabeth is interviewed on the set of A Great Deliverance.
  • Elizabeth is sixty-two and Larry, "pushing forty".
  • Elizabeth is available to speak to large audiences for a fee.
  • Elizabeth is crowned.
  • Elizabeth is a relatively small institution with approximately 5000 students.
  • Elizabeth is a teacher, story-educator, and one of the top storytellers in Tennessee.
  • Elizabeth is, by far, the best known of these, and is the most widely traveled Head of State in the world.
  • Elizabeth's is a three story red brick 19th century building, encompassing some 47,000 square feet and an entire city block on beautiful Napoleon Avenue.

Ear candling... I wonder if that's what Shrek did in the movie?

I love this.

Kelly is a master of amusing contemporary romance
Kelly is to Join the Republic of Irelands World Cup Team
Kelly is the author of "Private Investigating-Made Easy"
Kelly is exactly that -- a live show with last-minute schedule changes
Kelly is fighting for a brighter and safer future for all Americans
Kelly is so amazingly popular and in such demand
Kelly is famous, too!
Kelly is about to make you smile
Kelly is waiting patiently for you to enter her
Kelly is understandably devastated by being labelled a pervert
Kelly is very professional and really listens to your thoughts regarding your visions
Kelly is a controversial figure
Kelly is at the centre of a police investigation
Kelly is the most famous criminal in Australian history
Kelly is our hero
Kelly is no angel, but (s)he is no monster, either
Kelly is Just a human like all of us

my favourite: sarah is like "being pecked to death by ducks." but it is worth it.
well, as long as it's worth it.

Oh, it is so worth it.

I can't do it, I get too much Bill Gates stuff, and things about laws...

I've posted mine on my blog...hoo boy.

Xkot is my son
Xkot is amused
Xkot is right, a cheese doodle is way cooler than a seahorse
xkot is a perfect example of why I don't hang out on ICQ or AIM

oooh! fun! i made a list, too, but here is one of my favorites...

ratty is sparkly and good

now, how special is THAT!

JESSICA is at the middleware level.
Jessica is so cool.
Jessica is FUN!!! Jessica is a SUPER babe!! Jessica is SUPREME!!!
Jessica is ready to throw in the towel...
Jessica is interested in a relationship with another woman...
Jessica is a very good actor and she is very pretty i wish i could be more like how she is in the show.
Jessica is above all a hopeless perfectionist.
Jessica is like a rocket ship headed for the stratosphere.
Jessica is worth the frustration.
Jessica is the person who grounds me in a time of crisis or emotional or spiritual distress.
Jessica is not a substitute for counseling, nor a replacement for any kind of medical treatment.
Jessica is the bestest person in the world.
Jessica is certainly long past the need for self promotion.
Jessica is now a Kitten.

I don't like this game. Halfway down the first page I get "Kristian is dead." No fun.

Glace is an impressive, immense glacier.
Glace is a comedy filled with the fires of passion.
Glace is perfect for making delicious, quick and easy, lighter sauces that won't overpower white meat or fish.
Glace is the #1 best-selling frozen dessert in Sweden.
Glace is not a compromise for the consumer.
Glace is constantly moving at about an average speed of 1cm per hour.
Glace is a band with a strange pedigree.
Glace is a sheer lip gloss with a slight shimmer to giver your lips a slick and sensual appearance.
Glace is the hub linking together all of the web sites I have created.
Glace is dark beige.
Glace is devoted to studying the physical and chemical processes occurring in the atmosphere.
Glace is cholesterol free.
Glace is required for some foreigner artists and their masterpieces.
Glace is ultra sheer, ultra shine in a tube.
Glace is easy to do.
Glace is in the expectations-confounding business.
Glace is not glace enough.
Glace is just the ticket.

[This can also be used to predict the future]

Miguel will not be participating.
Miguel will leave, no matter what court says.
Miguel will have one foot in the world of proprietary source.
Miguel will perform at the Waves Garden and the Companhia MK next to the Lisbon Oceanarium.
Miguel will work on a largely volunteer basis as Director.
Miguel will check with Krueper on his availability to continue as chair.
Miguel will be working at the local school.
Miguel will be touring extensively for the remainder of the year both in the us & the Latin region.
Miguel will discuss the importance of these times from the ancient Mayan perspective and offer a preview of the important work to be performed.
Miguel will win Game 5.
Miguel) will make a personal appearance at a Soap Opera Festival on Sunday.
Miguel will test your ability to adapt to the island's sometimes harsh surroundings.
Miguel will handle this.
Miguel will be able to point at you and you will fucking die.

allyson is watching.

Apparently I am a voyuer/stalker who playboy made a nice little movie about. Have to check that one out.

Fun! Thanks pals. Just so you know,
Anne is one of Memphis finest assets.
Anne is shown in New Zealand.
Anne is a 23' fiberblass hull steam launch. (huh?)
Anne is an infant, toddler, teen.
Anne is a member of the Official Phenomenal Women of the Web.
Anne is invited out to tea (personal favorite)
Anne is special
Anne is patroness of Brittany.
Anne is committed to tax relief.
Anne is feared close to death.
Anne is a spunky redhead with attitude (ain't it the truth!)
Anne is newly built with every modern amenity.
Anne is one of the mothers of modern Zen in the West. (did not know that)

The Coleco Adam is a Z80 based 64k computer with lots of expansion possibility.

Melissa is deemed essential if humans are to travel successfully to Mars
Melissa is Sending You a Warning
Melissa is also in demand for weddings, receptions and private parties
Melissa is distracted by something that is, strictlyspeaking, irrelevant
Melissa is a marketing tool
Melissa is the FEATURED ARTIST for September's HOT BANDS ISSUECheck
Melissa is found in the west in open, weedy areas and prairies
Melissa is a vibrant, energetic 15 year old from The Boogie Down
Melissa is gearing up for an eighth summer season!
Melissa is literally, a social disease
Melissa is the recipient of many awards including a national and two regional Edward R. Murrow awards
Melissa is starting to break barriers
Melissa is inspired by the chance of eventually being a soccer superstar
Melissa is well versed in the art of storytelling
Melissa is an inspiration to us and to everyone that knows her, her faith and courage are unshakable
Melissa is actually expected by many people to appear in Playboy sometime in the next 2-3 years
Melissa is QUEEN
Melissa is living proof that where there’s a will to lose weight, there’s a way
Melissa is a bit like a lake
Melissa is a bright, active, happy child,who enjoys singing and playing with her friends
Melissa is always checking in

Bill is shelved.
Bill is watching you.
Bill is getting nowhere.
Bill is worth: $33.45 Billion. (great!)
Bill is the actual "anti-christ".
Bill Is a $200 Billion Disaster.
Bill is likely to fail.
Bill is currently working on his new book.
Bill Is Too High
bill is going to speed the entertainment content into the online broadband
environment, create consumer demand and get broadband going.

Posted to my online diary, but I'll share one of the best ones -
Genevieve is a tiny warship

JOJO is the market leader in the supply of electrical products for the consumer.
JoJo is around all the Islands almost daily.
JoJo is a memory resident, file infecting virus.
Jojo is confused and cannot understand such barbarity.
JoJo is neutered and housetrained.
Jojo is an enjoyable gaming experience.
JoJo is sure to keep you rockin'.
Jojo is open for dinner service from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm Tuesday through Thursday and 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm on Friday and Saturday.
Jojo is a Kinsey 6, though has erotic dreams about strong big-boned women occasionally.
JoJo is a tomboy who's not afraid to mix it up with the guys or party down with the girls.
Jojo is here to say it like it is! ... Jojo is your friend, Jojo is not your enemy, Jojo will bring joy to your life and Jo to your mojo
Jojo is little more than a lucrative marketing tool.
... I had no idea I was so versatile.

This was a lot of fun, Michele. Full post is here.


Gianna is fully dressed.

Gianna is available by appointment only.

Gianna is an all-time classic, enjoyed by tons and tons throughout the world.

Gianna is your person.

Gianna is now available in three types of wrappers.

Gianna is more of a legendary figure than a historical person.