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ode to my sister on her 33rd birthday

Ode to my sister on her 33rd birthday

Sister Lisa
(sung to the tune of Night Ranger' "Sister Christian")

sister Lisa oh the time's arrived
this time next year you will be a bride, oh yea
Sell your WASP albums and your concert tee's
Get your head out of the 80's, conform...to the norm

head bangin'
with your hair sprayed up so high
blue make-up on your eyes
blasting bon jovi's cries

babe you know you grew up so fast
it was just yesterday when i kicked your ass - ok - its the other way
Sister Lisa you brought me so many joys
locked me in a closet and broke my toys
Its' true, I knew

Sister Lisa now the time has come
to admit you were the favorite one of mom...and dad
Times have changed and you're a grown up now
But you kept your teenage ways somehow, somehow

head bangin'
with your hair sprayed up so high
blue make-up on your eyes
blasting dio's cries

but you're still rockin
yea you're still rockin

Happy birthday, Lisa!


1. I will NEVER conform to the norm - especially if it's what YOU think is the norm =)

2. I will NEVER get my head out of the 80's. You helped plant it there.

3. I NEVER wore blue eye make-up. If you remember correctly, everything I own(ed)is BLACK.

4. I will NEVER be able to tell you how much I appreciate you. I mean, who else would actually pay attention when I describe a dream or weird experience I had? Everyone else would do the 1-2-3- zzzzzzzzzzz thing.

Wonderful ode to me, Chele. Thanks.

are you referring s a certain Bay City Rollers album? Hon, I did you a favor ;)

That is so sweet. Sisters rock!

BTW, I sponsored you (for only $14, sorry - I'm Canadian, that's $20 of our toilet paper currency).

Michele, you are such a rockin' sister.
Happy birthday Lisa!

What a sweet way to say Happy Birthday. I'm all choked up. Lisa, I hope your birthday is fabulous and Michele, you rock like a ship on the ocean.

Don't go thinking this is a new, more sensitive GeekMan or anything. I'll be back to my funny and sarcastic self next time.

But for now... aaaaawwwwwww!

Happy Birthday, Lisa. I loved the part about Mom ... and Dad. Great lyrics spoof.

here's me, with 80s hair band songs cluttering up my brian, fishing for the Sebastian spritz (mmm, cherries)...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

my brain.
I don't have a brian.

A belated Happy Birthday to Lisa - would have posted this on the day itself but I was busy celebrating my 33rd birthday on Friday too...

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