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you knew i would all along

You knew I would all along

I'm going to do it. I'm taking the plunge. The deciding factor was that the kids will be in Cleveland that whole week with their dad and his girl and her kids (yes, people do go to Cleveland for vacation. Go figure). So this means that I can recuparate in peace, maybe even take the day off on Monday and rest some more. It's been ages since I stayed up 24 hours. I'm such a wuss, I know.

The only question that remains is what charity should I blog for? I have narrowed it down to four, and each one means something to me in some way. Take a look at them, make your pick and comment. Winner takes all.

The Crohn's/Colitis Foundation
AMT Children of Hope
Variety Child Learning Center
Nassau County Firefighter's Burn Center
Squad Co. 252 Fallen Firefighters Fund

Worthy causes, all.


I've never seen anyone blog by committee before.

That's what happens when you sleep like shit for a week straight. Your brain won't think for itself.

Either that or I'm just a bloggin rebel.

My first thought was to vote for the fireman's fund - but firemen have been garnering a lot of donation money in the last year, being the latest cause celebre. When it comes to charities, I always like to pick the underdog, the least popular cause of the moment, because donations follow fashion and someone is always screwed into being this year's stirrup pant... so which of those do you think is getting the fewest donations right now? Choose them.

I like the 'Children of Hope' charity. What will be your drugs of choice to keep you awake during the whole blogathon?

Uhm, isn't that a list of five? Help me... I just attempted to get snarky and mean at the blogwhore game and now my head hurts. (I did it all for you baby, all for you...)

That said, I would select the Variety Child Learning Center. In honor of your daughter. There's no better reason...

Crones. Give them some exposure!

You should chose the charity were you get most bang for your buck. This may sound mercenary, but ask each what percentage of the money collected goes to the end cause and what percentage goes on “Administration”. No point bursting a blood vessel on this and having it going on local advertisements or charity junk mail. You sound like you’ve got good well adjusted kids, so maybe direct the money to a local charity that supports underprivileged or abused children.

On a lighter note… why don’t you complete the blogathon in the style of “24” – 12am to 12pm.
You shouldn’t go on a killing rampage though. No… that would be very bad indeed.
At least when you finish it’ll be dark and you can go straight to bed.

Sorry that shoud have been 12am to 12am.
I am quite stupid really. I type before I think.

Can you pick more than one charity? How about the American Liver Foundation? About 4,000,000 people have Hepatitis C. It is more prevalent than Aids and there is far less medication and awareness.

So for your other sister and your bro-in-law, can you split? And, of course WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE, I will sponsor you.

You have courage, young jedi. May the force be with you.

And I agree with Bill. Pick the underdog. It's lousy that donations follow fads, but it's true.

How may pee breaks, bottles of water and packs of cigs will this take?

Here's how I see it... Michele. On guard in front of her PC. Hands on keyboard. Face smushed on mousepad soaked in drool. Snoring. Cigarette ash about 3 inches long in the tray.

Best of luck to ya.

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Hello. If you are owner of this site, delete this message, please.