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Instapoll part 2: you decide my fate

Instapoll part 2: you decide my fate

I'm rethinking my stance on the blogathon.

Not only will I most likely go ahead and do it, but I am going to pull a double. Raising Hell and here. At least at RH, I'll have help. And Mike has promised to help keep me awake with entertaining Instant Message conversations.

I have charities I want to blog for. The Crohn's/Colitis Foundation. AMT Children of Hope. A slew of others to choose from.

I could conceivably stay up for 24 hours. I could. Really.

Ok, this is where you decide for me. Voting stays open all day today. Yes or No. Do I blog myself into a coma on July 27th or not? The decision is up to YOU.


That's a great idea. Ideally, you could make it even better by simultaneously entering a 24-hour novel contest or a 72-hour novel contest. As long as you're going to be staying up all night, might as well be productive.

And maybe a dance contest. Can you charleston for 24 hours? While blogging on a laptop hung around your neck like a cigarette girl's tray?

It is one thing to blog on one site for 24 hours... but two sites is a little insane in the membrane.

Don't burn yourself out...to be quite honest.... I would rather have you of sound mind and continually posting on a regular basis .. rather than have 24 continuous hours of postings to be left with a void the next couple of days after because of burn out.

But that is my humble opinion

Go Michele. :-)

Since your friends seem to think you're on the verge of total collapse, I am concerned...If you decide to destroy yourself in a blaze of glory, I'll sponsor you - those are good charities. But I still think our little arrangement is better. For your sanity, anyway 8-P

I vote McDonald's brings back McRib, AND that you take part.

yes. definitely. my vote is yes. i vote yes for your fave author, too. rumor has it he just might join the fray.

yes. yes.


nothing heals a mental episode like a trip to the country. i guarantee: you come here, you will be so freaked about all the bugs and dirt, the rest of your stresses will melt away. eventually you'll become one with the bugs and dirt. you'll make peace with yourself, the critters, and all the various molds and yuckies. you'll find nirvana in the buzz of a little bee. you'll be so zen.

so...wanna take a drive upstate? we'll take your kids out in the boat and lock them in the cabin if they complain. hehe...

Go for it! Sleep-Deprived entries are always the best!

Bran, we'll be up the last week in August, ok? Start making room in the cabin for my out of control kids.

And you better believe that if Neil Gaiman is doing the 'thon, so am I.

Do it. Try experiments. See if it's still possible for you to have word sex at midnight 28 July (which would be three ack emma for folks in the Pacific time zone.)

I'll help keep you awake in chats if you help keep me awake.

Now where's that caffeine IV drip..?

Oh god, the McRib. Yummmmm!

Now I'm wanting to do the blogathon too... but I know I'd never raise any money. Drat.

I'm afraid you'd have to pay me to read 24-hour blogathons.

Not yours though Michele, I wanna see what your brain produces on no sleep and a lot of caffeine, this should be highly entertaining...

You go girl!

Go for it. The worst thing that happens is you fall asleep after a few hours. The best thing is you make a doodoo-load of money for charity from all your adoring sponsors.

And who knows. The act of staying up all night, talking with other bloggers, and doing your good deed for charities should give you grist for god-knows how many follow-up posts in the following days.

IM me, too, darling. I gots mah ethernet primed and ready for delirious conversation.

Neil Gaiman's doing this? What's his blogaddress?

gaiman's journal

He hasn't decided yet because he needs to see what his schedule for that day is, but it sounds like he will if his schedule is clear.